The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 6 will feature new details on the next "Arrowverse" crossover, "Crisis on Earth X." Stephen Amell talks about Anatoly Knyazev and Black Siren's roles in the show's plot this season.

DC TV series executive producer Wendy Mericle revealed surprising new information regarding the plot of "Crisis on Earth X" as she told TVGuide that while the story will take place during Barry Allen and Iris West's wedding, the crossover will focus on Oliver Queen.

It's all about the Green Arrow

According to Mercile, Oliver will be deeply involved in the crossover's plot along with another character and will explore the question of true love in the "Arrowverse."

"It's emotionally really compelling, and you're going to be surprised by what he learns and how he learns it and who he learns it from, " Mericle said.

"It's pretty crazy stuff, I'm not gonna lie."

Comic book fans speculated that the second character could be Felicity Smoak since Oliver still has feelings for her and vice versa in the show.

The "Crisis on Earth X" storyline will feature all of the DC TV heroes working together to take down the Nazi army from Earth X. The heroes will be joined by the Ray to fend-off the Nazis and prepare them to fight evil versions of The Flash, Green Arrow, Prometheus, and Supergirl.

Cast member Stephen Amell stated during Salt Lake Comic-Con that the crossover episode would be like a four-hour movie due to the massive storyline and it will surpass the Dominators invasion of the earth last year.

Anatoly and Black Siren

Amell revealed new details on Anatoly Knyazev and Black Siren in season 6 as he teased that they will have a much larger role in the show's plot. He told Entertainment Weekly that Anatoly will have a strange power over Oliver in the season's narrative, now that he is betrayed by the latter after events of season 5.

While the "TMNT 2" star clarified that Anatoly is not exactly a villain in a traditional sense, but his motives against the Green Arrow will operate on a grey area since he still respects him despite their falling out. Anatoly will return to Star City in episode 2 to settle a deadly agenda.

As for Black Siren, Amell told TVLine in a separate interview that he still believes that there is still some good left on Earth 2 Laurel Lance and her potential redemption will happen during the course of the season.

Season 6 will introduce a new villain, Richard Dragon, and his team in Star City. The showrunners announced that Slade Wilson would star in his very own episode as he tries to save his son, Joe from a Kasnian prison.