Supergirlseason 3 is one of the most anticipated CW shows to return and “Sanvers” somehow contributes the biggest factor in this hype. Unfortunately, it was confirmed that Floriana Lima who plays Maggie Sawyer in the series would leave.

According to Den of Geek, Lima’s reported exit was announced in early 2017. The show specifically explained that her appearances would not frequently happen as she is set to pursue greener pastures in the future. “Supergirl” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg announce this unfortunate news in an interview last Wednesday.

Will Maggie Sawyer die in Season 3?

Now that Floriana Lima’s exit was confirmed, it remains a mystery whether what kind of departure she would be given. Before Kreisberg revealed that Floriana Lima chose to move on, he assured the fans that the diligent female cop would not die. The series EP knows that the fans will not be in favor of this kind of exit. In the end, Sawyer will continue to exist in the series’ memories and might potentially come back if given the opportunity.

Moreover, Den of Geek also confirmed that the viewers would see Maggie Sawyer in the first five episodes of Season 3. It can be recalled that Lima was originally a regular member, but now she will fulfill a part-time role.

Meanwhile, our previous report unveiled that the third season will introduce Sawyer’s father. Those who watched the earlier seasons of “Supergirl” know that Maggie does not have a good background with her father.

Sawyer’s parents kicked her out due to her sexual preference as a lesbian. Carlos Bernard will reportedly portray her father.

With the “24” actor in the mix, we do not know if Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie can still get married. Bernard’s role probably popped up for good, or he is just around to take his daughter back.

Reign and Supergirl’s relationship

In a recent interview, Odette Annable who plays the role of this season’s central villain Reign explained her ties to Kara Danvers.

According to Entertainment Weekly, she said, “I have been working with Kara and we will be working together very closely, whether that’s Sam or Reign, you will have to find out.” It seems like they will be meeting each other through CatCo, Kara’s workplace.

Aside from this, Annable shared that her role and Kara are close as they have similarities. At first, Sam a.k.a. Reign will be introduced without her knowing who she really is. Things will be tough as her closeness to the team will bring division in “SupergirlSeason 3.