There is no doubt that many fans are wondering why Jana Duggar is still single. She is beautiful, skillful and talented. She is also good at managing a household. There is no doubt that she is a wife material. Unfortunately, four of her younger sisters, Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy-Anna have already walked down the aisle, and she's still single not even courting. Due to Jana's status, there are speculations that she is a lesbian, but that is not true. A family friend revealed the real reason why Jana is still single.

Why is Jana Duggar still not courting?

A Duggar Family friend told Radar Online that Jana is not yet courting because she is “picky” and busy. She has a lot of things to do that she doesn’t have time to think about love. "She's picky," the insider confessed. "She's hardly ever home. She lives at home, but she has a job. She's not stressed about getting married."

Jana is the busiest member of the Duggar household. She takes over the home and looks after her siblings. In fact, she’s like a mom when it comes to the responsibilities she has at home that many “Counting On” fans dubbed her as the “Cinderella Duggar.” A number also noticed how Michelle Duggar designates almost all of her tasks to her oldest daughter.

In fact, many are sad for Jana because they felt that she’s not living her own life by giving in to the demands that Jim Bob and Michelle should have filled for their family.

As for Jana, it seems that she’s happy with what she does. She’s taking joy in serving her family. Also, she has lots of interests and crafts to do. In fact, she is into gardening lately.

Just recently, the Duggars shared a photo of Jana's garden, which they reportedly enjoyed the whole summer. It seemed that Jana has her hands full all the time.

Jana has been rumored to be courting

Jana is busy, but her fans and followers are keen to see her courting. Last week, there were rumors that Jana Duggar is already courting a mystery man who has been spotted in the Duggar family photos lately.

Shortly after that, she was romantically linked to Jacob Wilson. However, the latter already denied that they are courting.

According to Jacob, they have been friends for two decades already and are not courting. Some fans were disheartened because they are rooting for Jacob and Jana. Both look good and are talented. In fact, they will make beautiful babies if they end up together.

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