The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 6 will feature the return of Season 5's main villain, Prometheus in the "Crisis on Earth X" crossover. Oliver Queen's friend and former Bratva brother, Anatoly Knyazev will also make his return in episode 2 this season.


It seems that Green Arrow's most notorious enemy, Prometheus will make a come back to the "Arrowverse" during the events of "Crisis of Earth X" crossover. According to Entertainment Weekly, the season 5 villain will be called "Prometheus-X, " and they speculated that this version of the character is Quentin Lance instead of Adrian Chase.

Prometheus-X will join the Nazi versions of The Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl as they invade Earth 1 and the heroes must work together with The Ray to defeat them. The crossover event will also take place during Barry Allen and Iris West's wedding day. Prometheus is the main villain of the show's fifth season and has tormented Oliver Queen, both psychologically and emotionally to avenge his father's death.

"Arrow" star Stephen Amell stated during Salt Lake Comic-Con event that the crossover would be like a four-hour movie due to the massive storyline and he promises fans that the plot will be "really, really good." The DC TV producers also promised fans that threat of Earth X will surpass the Dominators invasion of the earth last year.

Bratva reunion

The CW Network revealed the plot synopsis of episode 2 for "Arrow" season 6, and it will mark the return of Oliver's former friend and current Bratva leader, Anatoly Knyazev. The title is called "Tribute" and Team Arrow tries to stop Anatoly's deadly agenda in Star City, while Oliver tries to balance his life being the mayor, vigilante, and a father to his son, William.

Anatoly became friends with Oliver during their time on the Lian Yu in the show's flashback scenes. The latter became a major character in season 5's flashbacks as he helped Oliver take down Konstantin Kovar by recruiting him to the Russian mob. The two had a falling out after Oliver decided to leave the Bratva to start his crusade.

Season 6 will feature Team Arrow fighting a new villain, Richard Dragon, and his team. The showrunners also confirmed a two-part "Deathstroke" episode as Slade Wilson tries to save his son, Joe from a Kasnian prison. Slade will also have his own set of flashback scenes, and it will feature his family life before his fateful meeting with Oliver on the Lian Yu.