Eph and the other survivors go against the Master and his allies in the "the strain" series finale. Showrunner Carlton Cuse speaks about giving a proper ending to his vampire series on FX.

'The Strain' to end with 'The Last Stand'

The curtain call of the fourth and final season of "The Strain" has finally come. It will air on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017, on FX.

The upcoming episode will mark the end of the successful TV adaptation of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's book trilogy. TV Guide reported that the episode will pick up with the events from Episode 9.

In "The Traitor," two individuals made some desperate choices that almost led to surprising results. Desai spilled the beans about the Master's location under pressure but he ended up betraying his wife for his life.

Zach, on the other hand, toys with his father's emotions just to have an inside access for the opposing team. The Master found out their mistakes but it was Desai who had a gruesome death.

Fathers vs Sons in Season 4 finale

FX recently released the trailer which teased about Quinlan's very own "last stand" against his own father. Quinlan is set to make a desperate move in order to defeat the Master. However, this won't be an easy task since there's a possibility that he might get hurt in the process.

The last episode ended with him bringing the detonation inside the Empire State Building. Unfortunately for him, the head vampire and his minions were already ahead of their plans. He warned his other teammates but some strigoi were already guarding the exit.

Zach and Ephs will have a battle of their own since he chose his dad's rival over him.

The Master, who served as a mentor, capitalized on Zach's hatred for Ephs after what happened to his mother.

In other news, Ephs and Quinlan will not deal with their problems by themselves. Episode 10 will also feature Fet, Dutch and Gus as they participate in saving not only their loved ones but the entire human race.

Carlton Cuse on how they worked on the last episodes

It seems like the Carlton Cuse and his other co-creators had a chance to give "The Strain" a "fair and right ending." Cuse added that it was because the separation of "good vs evil" is obviously present in the show.

"‘The Strain’ is one that gives you a real sense of what the ultimate fate of these characters are and ultimately resolves the conflict," Carlton Cuse told Indie Wire.

Cuse even pointed out a lot has changed in the TV industry since he worked on "Lost" with Damien Lindelof. He also thanked FX for letting them end the show in other own terms. It is definitely a huge risk but the network supported him, Hogan and del Toro. He added that his two creative collaborators played a huge part in the development of their finale.

"The Strain" Season 4 Episode 10 "The Last Stand" airs on Saturday. Stay tuned for more updates.