Hey, “The Strain” fans. We’re going to see Dutch in a pretty sticky situation at some point. Fet and Quinlan will be very busy trying to track down a really important nuclear weapon. Eph and Alex point their search for clues at the Master’s plan in Episode 5 of Season 4. FX revealed these new spoiler teasers in a press release by way of thefutoncritic.com

'Belly of the Beast'

It turns out that the producers decided to name this installment “Belly of the Beast.” The first storyline teaser reveals the info about Quinlan and Fet. These two will definitely be moving fast in an effort to track down a convoy that’s carrying their prized nuclear weapon.

Will Quinlan and Fet be able to catch it? Or will it get away? Those are the big questions for this particular storyline. It sounds like it could definitely offer up some pretty suspenseful and action-filled scenes.

Continuing their search

Next, they revealed that Eph and Alex will continue their search. This time, they’ll be trying to find some clues that could possibly uncover the details of the Master’s plan for the ultimate fate of the human race. So, that definitely sounds like a very serious plan, to say the least. Will Eh and Alex find what they’re looking for? Or will the Master’s secret plans remain hidden? Those are some major questions that we’ll be looking to see get answered as this storyline continues to play out.

It definitely sounds like it could take a few episodes for this one to give us a conclusion.

Very sticky situation

In this last teaser scoop, they revealed that Dutch will not be experiencing the best of times but all will not be lost for her. Apparently, she’s going to be in a very sticky situation where she’s trapped by a familiar enemy.

However, there will be a bright side as they say she will encounter a friend from the past. Who is this awful enemy that has trapped her? Who is this delightful friend from the past? Those are the main questions for this plot line. They didn’t reveal any other details about them. Also, they let us know that the teleplay for this episode was done by Jeff Wadlow, and Roberto Barba directed it.

Expect to see a new preview clip get released after tonight’s episode (4) is done airing. It should definitely feature a few extra details. So, you’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for it. Added to this, episode 5 is set to air next Sunday night, August 13, 2017 at 9pm central time on FX. Stay tuned.