August 27, 1994, would be a moment in time that Tito Jackson's sons, Taj, Taryll, and TJ would never forget. Airing September 15, 2017, at 10 pm ET on ABC the boys remembered their mother and shared the moment their lives were changed forever.

Delores "Dee Dee" Jackson was 39 years old when her boyfriend at the time, Donald Bohana, took her life at his home in California.

Immediately following her death it was ruled as accidental when Bohana stated he had left her alone momentarily and when he returned she had drowned. Dee Dee did not know how to swim and therefore authorities accepted the story and moved on. It was the coroner report that noted she had blunt force traumatic injuries that indicated there was a struggle before she drowned. Four years after her death, Bohana was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. Bohana has been up for parole four times and Dee Dee's son has opposed his release each time. Bohana is now 80 years old and in an excerpt from the 20/20 interview, TJ (Dee Dee's youngest son) says he will no longer object to Bohana being released if the judge feels it is time for him to walk free.

Power of love

The pain Taj, Taryll, and TJ felt after losing their mother is one that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Despite this horrific nightmare they faced while in their teens, they have continued to move forward in love and memory of their mother. When they released their first album as 3T, "Brotherhood" in 1995 it was dedicated in her memory.

3T fans quickly became familiar with their loss and shared in their grief as they fell in love with 3T and their story. Their story became a source of hope and encouragement for others who had also experienced similar situations in their lives.Fans looked to their songs and positive outlook on life moving forward as a source of hope for their own futures ahead.

On their debut album, "Brotherhood" they released a song called "Memories" that catalogs their lasting heartbreak.

"Growing up with you by my side I thought that life would be so easy, that you're goneAnd my heart stands all alone have realized what it is that I'm missing cause it'll not come back" 3T - Memories Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Everything they have done in their lives is in memory and honor of their mother and that has continued to be true now, 23 years later.

Tragedy into hope

At the end of 2015, Taj, Taryll, and TJ launched the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation (DDJF). This is a non-profit organization aimed to keep the giving spirit and legacy of their mother alive by helping others. According to the website, their mission is to "provide an outlet for those who have suffered a loss in life.

The mission of DDJF is to connect those who have a commonality in grief and provide a safe space to share stories, advice, and build a community in which no one feels alone."

DDJF runs a weekly radio show, "The Power of Love" and also does regular music therapy programs within schools. Taj, Taryll, and TJ want to continue to encourage others to remember there is hope after loss. They continue to be a bright and shining example of how one can turn a personal tragedy into a lifelong legacy to help others. While they are still working through the pain of growing up without their mom in their lives, they continue to share their story openly and honestly with others in the hopes of it bringing healing to those that need it.

Tune in to ABC 20/20 to hear the full interview and learn more about Taj, Taryll, and TJ and their lifelong commitment to keeping their mother's legacy alive. And if you'd like to learn more about the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation, head over to their website for ways you can donate and get involved.