"Bates Motel" is set to premiere season 5 on February 20th at 10 PM EST. It is a show that has never quite gotten the attention it deserves. Turning the movie "Psycho" into a TV series was quite an accomplishment for executive producers Kerry Ehrin and Carlton Cuse. According to Entertainment Weekly, this will be the last season of the show. The producers had a five year plan for the show when it started and are sticking to it.

Viewers have watched Norman Bates grow into a maniacal serial killer as his mother protected him. At the end of season 4, Norman succeeded in killing his mother and nearly killing himself.

The death was ruled accidental and Norman again got away with murder. Though Norma Bates has died, she is far from gone. She will be in Norman's mind and fantasies as she always has been. Her presence is one he will never escape, nor does he want to.

New cast to be introduced

Spoilers do tell us that Rihanna will be joining the cast at some point. She will be playing the part of Marion Crane, the motel guest that falls victim to Norman's twisted mind. In the movie, the character Marion reminded Norman of his mother and thus, he killed her. It isn't clear yet how that line will be drawn because Rihanna and Vera Farmiga (Norma) bear no resemblance.

Casting has also added actress Isabelle McNally.

Speculation is she will play the part of Madeline who was never shown in the movie. Madeline is the ex-wife of Marion's lover, Sam Loomis. Sam's alimony payments to Madeline leave him broke and unable to provide for Marion, therefore he is not able to marry her. Speculation is that Madeline will be the one that Norman views as Norma, with the right make-up, of course.

Will one die in the shower scene?

The possibilities of how it will are turn out are endless. All we know for sure is that this is it. The grand finale season and they are preparing to shock the "Bates Motel" fans! Do you think Norman will kill Marion in the shower scene? What about Madeline? And why are we meeting Madeline in the series as it ends when she was only mentioned in the movie?