Last night, Barbara Corcoran made her premiere on "Dancing With the Stars" and did a pretty great job, but the fans started talking about how it looked like she grabbed Keo's crotch. She did tease that she was going to marry him someday. Now Barbara is speaking out and explaining what really happened. Barbara is best-known for her time on "Shark Tank."

Barbara shares her side of what went down

US Magazine shared what Barbara had to say about it all. This all went down right before Barbara Corcoran and Keo Motsepe got their scores on the first night.

She put her left hand down in that area and actually left it there for several seconds, but it doesn't seem like it was on purpose.

So Barbara is being very honest about what went down. She said, "There was no crotch grab. I just happened to land my hand on that very important part. And then I felt something in the way, and I moved away." It sounds like it was all an accident and she didn't mean for it to happen at all. She will probably be a lot more careful about where she places her hands in the future, though. Barbara won't want to accidentally grab Keo again in the future.

Is Barbara even single?

Anything that Barbara says about wanting to marry Keo or be with him is just her personality and teasing.

She is actually married to FBI agent Bill Higgins and has been for 28 years. He didn't make her first show, but that doesn't mean anything at all. Barbara did tease that she asked him to move to the guest room so her new relationship can blossom the right way. It looks like she is very open to getting to know Keo better, but not in a negative way.

Keo and Barbara also have a huge age difference and just seem to get along great. They have a lot of chemistry when joking around with each other. Keo is known to be a big flirt, so he seems to fit great with her. Their personalities are a good mix.

Barbara wasn't the high scorer last night, but the fans can't wait to see how she does.

There is a chance she could end up going home early and everyone is just going to have to wait and see how it turns out. There were several people with higher scores than her.

What did you think of Barbara Corcoran on "Dancing With the Stars" last night? Did you notice the alleged crotch grab? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "DWTS" on Monday nights on ABC. Next week there is also a new episode on Tuesday night the fans will get to watch. It should be an exciting week for the show.