When it comes to "Doctor Who," there are two main questions: what's the Christmas special 2017 about and who will be the next Doctor? Peter Capaldi's time in the role is coming to an end. The Christmas special will see him depart from the role and turn into a new face. For years there have been requests for a female Time Lord. Michelle Gomez proved a female Master was possible, but does that mean there's room for a female Doctor?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the current favorite for the role. She has been avoiding questions lately about the role. Does that mean it's definitely her?

Waller-Bridge has worked with Chris Chibnall before

There are a few reasons why Waller-Bridge is slated as the next Doctor. One of the biggest reasons is that she's worked with Chris Chibnall before. If you haven't heard, this is the person taking over the helm of "Doctor Who" in Season 11. This is also the showrunner of ITV's "Broadchurch," which stars David Tennant.

While there are some acting credits working against her for the Doctor, for the most part, she has proven her skills. She can do every single acting style needed and portray all emotions on the screen. This is a must for the Doctor, who can go from excited, to sad, to happy within the space of a minute. She can do dark, twisted storylines, but also has the energy for the role of the Doctor.

Does 'Doctor Who' need a female lead?

There is an issue with Waller-Bridge being cast as the Doctor. It would make the Doctor a woman. While there are many calling out for a female Doctor, there are others who just don't want to see it. There are others who now just view the idea of a female Doctor as something that is being forced upon us; something that is just going to happen to appease voices rather than happen because a female is the best person for the role.

Waller-Bridge has been quiet on her future with the series, but that doesn't mean she's coming to "Doctor Who." It also doesn't mean that she's coming in as The Doctor. The show will also need a new companion, so she could always get cast into that role. This is a role that people have overlooked recently since nobody was entirely sure if Pearl Mackie was going to leave after a season.

"Newsnight" made it look like Waller-Bridge was going to be the 13th regeneration, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen. Right now, the role is still open. There is the chance that there will be a female in the lead role on the show, but that isn't necessarily going to happen. There's no confirmation on the next lead in "Doctor Who" just yet.

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