The Fall TV season is set to begin this week and NBC's workplace comedy "Superstore" is also premiering with its third season. Along with its anticipated return, fans of the America Ferrera-led comedy will get to see the Halloween episode, which has become something of a yearly thing for the Justin Spitzer-created show. This year, fans will get to see Ferrera return with Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash, Colton Dunn, Nico Santos, Nichole Bloom, and Mark McKinney. they will put on some costumes for the Halloween episode. But what costumes might they be? One cast member is reprising her Halloween costume come "Superstore" season 3, putting her back in a sexy cop costume.

Dina as a sexy cop

Last season's Halloween episode found America Ferrera's Amy sporting a Cleopatra costume, while Ben Feldman's Jonah sported a Brexit costume. Cheyenne was Pokemon, Mateo was a cowboy, and Glenn was a hotdog. Uncharacteristically, Dina wore a sexy cop outfit that showcased her bosom. Everyone was shocked to see her leave little to the imagination, with Amy telling Jonah and Garrett, "I cannot stop staring at her giant breasts." This year, Dina will once again slip into the sexy number for Halloween, Entertainment Weekly reported. Creator Justin Spitzer explained, "We thought Dina looked awesome in her Halloween costume last year so we put her in it again."

Amy as Selena the singer

When "Superstore" season 3 returns with another Halloween episode, viewers will get to see America Ferrera's Amy wearing a new costume.

Justin Spitzer confirmed to EW that Amy will be Selena for Halloween, which is surely going to turn heads, especially Jonah's. Ferrera told EW that the Halloween episode is one of the more enjoyable episodes to film as it's a chance for them to wear something different instead of their Cloud 9 blue vests. This year, she chose her own costume because Spitzer gave her the creative freedom to do so.

Halloween episode will be 'morbid'

Although a comedy, "Superstore" doesn't shy away from topics like death, teenage pregnancy, unfair corporate policy, immigration rights, and racism (among others). In fact, the show did feature a customer dying right inside the store once. But Justin Spitzer promised that this year's Halloween episode will be "crazy-dark," which isn't surprising after previous reports hinting at another death. He explained, "It’s a very morbid episode. It really hits the blacker elements of Halloween." "Superstore" season 3 will premiere on Thursday, September 28 at 8 PM on NBC.