Great news for fans of the NBC comedy "Superstore," as the hit series is set to return with season 3 this September. That's four more months before the Cloud 9 gang returns to television following the devastating effects of the tornado that ripped apart the big box store. The Justin Spitzer-created series ended its sophomore season last month, during which fans were treated to Amy (America Ferrera) and Jonah's (Ben Feldman) first kiss. After two whole seasons of "work flirts," the pair finally locked lips as their lives were threatened by a massive hurricane.

While some fans think that Amy and Jonah are finally getting together, series creator Justin Spitzer was quick to tell Variety after the season finale, "Going forward, this is not Jonah and Amy are together."

Season 3 won't see Amy and Jonah together just yet

Justin Spitzer, who previously worked on "The Office," was initially against Amy and Jonah sharing a kiss just yet. He and the writers eventually decided to go for it so that it would bear more meaning when Amy returns to her family at the end of the season finale. Spitzer didn't want to copy what happened to Jim and Pam in "The Office" wherein they finally shared a kiss in season 2, and Spitzer initially wanted Amy and Jonah to share more tension and slow burn before they finally acknowledged their feelings for each other.

Interestingly, Spitzer put it both ways: "a moment of weakness or a moment of clarity."

Will there be a time jump for season 3?

One of the big questions that will be answered when "Superstore" season 3 premieres this September 28 is, will there be a time jump following the events of last season's finale? Justin Spitzer told Deadline back in May that they haven't decided on it just yet, but rather, they're focusing on the show being "real and true to life whenever possible." He explained that more than just setting a story in a timeline, they're also looking at "dealing with what the fallout" of the tornado destroying the store.

In fact, one question does come to mind: What happened to Brett, who was last seen outside the store right before the tornado hit.

Resolution to relationships formed and destroyed

One of the best things about "Superstore" is the relationships formed by each of the characters. In the last season's finale, viewers got to see Dina's soft spot for Garrett, and Sandra finally standing up for her love.

Mateo also confessed his love for Jeff after breaking up with him to protect the fact that he was undocumented. In "Superstore" season 3, viewers are hopeful to see a resolution to these new developments, as the characters return to Cloud 9 to rebuild the store. "Superstore" season 3 premieres on September 28 on NBC.