Latest reports about the much-anticipated DC movie, Justice League,” revealed that scenes of Lex Luthor and Iris West were cut from the current version of the film. The information was reported by Batman News who quoted sources who had presumably watched a test screening of the movie.

The news came out as Warner Bros. is reportedly showing the latest cut of “Justice League” to a test audience, to gauge early reactions about the movie scheduled for release November 17. Early reactions to the screening seemed to be positive according to Batman News.

However, these reactions just came from comments made or posted on Twitter by viewers.

Early rumors

Rumors about Jesse Eisenberg’s character being cut from the film actually came out way back in August but was confirmed just recently. However, the report on Keirsey Clemons’ character was a new development for the film. Clemons, who will also play Iris West, in “Flashpoint” is expected to be introduced in “Justice League,” but it seems this is no longer the case, given the latest confirmation.

What this means is that eventually, Iris West will have her debut appearance in “The Flash” stand-alone movie, which is currently under development by Warner Bros. and DC.

There is still a chance though, that both Lex Luthor and Iris West, end up appearing in “Justice League” given that the current version of the DC superhero ensemble film is not the final cut yet.

Another possibility is that the characters will appear in the DVD/Blu Ray edition of the movie.

Post-production makeovers

“Justice League” had been the subject of substantial post-production changes since director Joss Whedon took over the helm from Zack Snyder, who left the director’s chair for personal reasons.

There were significant reshoots done to the film since Whedon took over from Snyder several months ago and it was rumored these were substantial changes.

According to Comicbook, additional scenes involving the villain, Steppenwolf, were made in order to give the character “more credibility” in relation to the ensemble of heroes he will battle.

New ending

There were also reports about the production changing the ending of “Justice League.” In the previous version, the film was said to end on a cliffhanger with the Darkseid arriving in the last part.

The new ending, however, will no longer leave the audience hanging, according to Comicbook.

Warner Bros. and DC are working hard to make “Justice League” a success just like its counterpart in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – “The Avengers.” The recent success of “Wonder Woman” is definitely a great sign for the DC Extended Universe, however, how the ensemble of DC superheroes performs in the cinema is still to be determined.

“Justice League” release date in the US is November 17.