The season finale of "Superstore" that aired back in May brought about major changes, thanks to the storm that ripped apart Cloud 9. For starters, the store was damaged as with anything that lies in the path of a tornado. Second, Amy (America Ferrera) and Jonah (Ben Feldman) finally shared the much-awaited kiss that was assumed to happen during Cheyenne's (Nichole Bloom) wedding but did not (Jonah did call Amy "sexy," though). Then there's also Brett (Jon Miyahara), who was last seen uttering the words "Oh sh--" before the tornado tore down Cloud 9.

He should definitely win the Employee of the Year award for trying to clean up the mess from the storm before the tornado hit. A question that "Superstore" season 3 is set to answer is, whatever happened to Brett after the storm?

Is Brett still alive?

When Dina (Lauren Ash) was calling out the names of the Cloud 9 employees after the storm had passed during the season finale, Brett was noticeably not around. This begs the question, will he be back for "Superstore" season 3? Michael Ausiello of TVLine reported that while he isn't "at liberty to reveal who did (or didn’t) survive last season’s twist(er)ed finale," he did say that "the verdict is still out on Brett." So fans will definitely have to keep on guessing for the outcome of that story.

Another death in Cloud 9

Back in Season 1, viewers saw when an elderly customer died on the couch inside Cloud 9. There haven't been many deaths since then, but it seems that there will be one come "Superstore" season 3. As per TVLine, one of the third season's episodes is titled "Sal is Dead." Sal is a Cloud 9 employee played by Sean Whalen, who is recurring on the show.

Plane crash to occur?

Back in July, filming commenced for "Superstore" season 3, and with it, Ben Feldman took to Instagram to share a behind the scenes photo of himself with his co-stars America Ferrera, Colton Dunn, Nichole Bloom, Kaliko Kauahi, and Nico Santos standing on set. In the background was a plane crash, which Feldman labeled as "spoiler alert." Given that these are comedians, it's highly likely that the plane crash isn't a spoiler after all and that they're just filming in a studio location that happens to have a plane crash in it.

Premiere to feature re-opening of Cloud 9

When "Superstore" season 3 returns, it will feature the grand re-opening of Cloud 9, as seen in the behind the scenes photo shared by Kaliko Kauahi, who plays Sandra on the show. A photo she posted on August 22 showed the renovated Cloud 9 storefront with banners that read "Grand Re-opening" on it. "Superstore" season 3 will premiere on September 28 on NBC.