The upcoming week’s spoilers for Days of Our Lives” have emerged online. The next five episodes will air on Monday, September 25 to Friday, September 29. Viewers will get to see Salem organizing a double wedding. One of the main characters will also experience a heartbreak, although which one it will be is not known. There is another mysterious person that will be seen escaping the drama, although there isn’t much information available on that end either.

The plot of the upcoming episodes

According to a report by TV Overmind, the upcoming set of episodes will be filled with drama as heated arguments ensue between most.

As fans may already know, Lucas is currently not in a good mindset about his life. He is depicted as being almost unable to control the events in his life. There is not much Lucas can do to bring about changes in his life. All those people that mattered to him the most seem to have scattered. His ex-son-in-law, Sonny has made the decision to move on and marry another man. This led to a major void in Lucas’ life and he is now missing his son. Although his life consists of all the riches one can imagine, he still doesn’t find any happiness for himself.

Regardless of how many materialistic pleasures he has access to, he really is in need of someone who can understand what he is going through. Lucas is in that phase of his life where he is looking for someone who can make him feel better.

On one hand, he is happy that Sonny is remarrying. At the same time, sadness overtakes him as the whole scenario reminds him of his son. He finds it extremely difficult to cope with the daily grind of life when he is completely alone.

Leaked photos indication

According to Soap Hub, leaked photos of next week’s episodes primarily showcase Lucas as organizing the grand double wedding.

Given the on-going situation in life, there is not much hope left for happiness. But, according to the Soap Hub report, something good might take place for Lucas in the near future. The good things may not take place this week but during the first half of October. Speculations mentioned by Soap Hub also suggest that Lucas’ son might finally be returning to his life.

It is being suggested that this is going to take place because he probably finds out that Lucas is not in a good emotional place. There are chances that he might be returning to win back Sonny. Either way, if he does come back into the scenario, major characters in the "Days of our lives" will definitely undergo some emotional trauma.