When NBC's "Superstore" left viewers with the season finale in May, fans finally got what they wanted: a kiss between America Ferrera's Amy and Ben Feldman's Jonah. But as quick as some may have assumed that they're finally together, series creator Justin Spitzer explained that in fact, they are not. Instead, he wanted to see the repercussions of the kiss in that moment when they thought that they were going to die.

Ferrera echoed Spitzer's statements, opening up in a recent interview that the kiss could still go both ways: Amy and Jonah may end up together, and they may not.

The actress said she's perfectly alright with them not getting together in "Superstore" season 3.

America Ferrera on Amy being an independent woman

While on break before "Superstore" season 3 premieres on September 28, America Ferrera took part in The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable sessions, in which she opened up about her character in contrast to one she is also famous for playing: "Ugly Betty."

The 33-year old actress said during the discussion, "Betty, you could throw anything at her...and she'd just smile and keep going, and that was easy for me to play especially as a 20-something-year-old, who knew that my role as a woman was to make people like me."

Ferrera played Betty Suarez for four years beginning in 2006, when she was just 24.

The Latina actress compared Betty Suarez to "Superstore"'s Amy Sosa-Dubanowski, who she says is very different because Amy "has a job that's just a job and she doesn't seek her validation in it."

Amy will not be defined by her relationship with Jonah

America Ferrera's Amy, in NBC's "Superstore," is known to be headstrong and on top of her game.

Her struggles as an immigrant and a young mother were touched upon in the series, a stark difference from Jonah's college background that he always seems to bring up.

While this seems like a great dynamic for the duo, Ferrera told the Los Angeles Times that following the season finale kiss, they all do not know yet where the "work-flirt" relationship will bring them.

Not to dampen the mood of Amy and Jonah shippers, but Ferrera said, "Sometimes a kiss is a kiss. Or sometimes you do have feelings for someone and that’s just not what it’s meant to be."

In "Superstore" season 3, fans are expecting to see Amy and Jonah become closer to each other following the kiss, or remaining amicable friends. Ferrera admitted that she could see it going both ways, saying that it was important for her early in the process to play a character that wasn't defined by her relationships with men.

"Superstore" season 3 premieres on NBC on September 28.