Rihanna may seem to be a woman who has it all - fame, fortune, successful career, beauty, throngs of fans and a newly-launched beauty line. However, she recently revealed in an interview that there's something in her life that she wants to undo. In her cover story for Elle magazine, the 29-year old singer revealed that if she was given a chance to change something in the past, it would be the time that she lost her virginity. Her interview for Elle wasn't really a typical interview, as the Barbadian beauty was asked questions by different celebrities including Tyra Banks, Zac Posen, April Bloomfield, Eminem, David Copperfield and Pharrell Williams.

When magician David Copperfield offered Rihanna that he can make her disappear and reappear anywhere in the world, he asked her where she wanted to go and why. The panel was shocked to hear Rihanna's answer as she gamely said that she wished she could go back in time - ten minutes before she lost her virginity.

Woman of the hour

Rihanna didn't really elaborate on the moment that she lost her virginity and neither did her interviewers. The singer has a lot on her plate right now, with her newest beauty line, Fenty, just launched today. Fans of the "Umbrella" singer have been waiting for the launch of her Fenty beauty line and the sales for its first day has been impressive.

Known for her uncontemporary style and personality, Rihanna was seen working behind the cash register herself to welcome the first batch of sales of Fenty.

According to People, the "Work" singer hosted an exclusive New York Fashion Week event to launch her makeup line.

It's more than just a universal lip gloss

One of the crowd favorites and most-awaited product of Rihanna's makeup line is the universal Lip Gloss. According to the "Kiss It Better" singer, when she and her team was in the process of curating products for her makeup line, she always had in mind a product that would look good on all skin tones.

Being a woman of color herself, she may have experienced the difficulty of finding a product that suits her skin best.

To show her appreciation to all the fans who showed up on her Fenty launching event, Rihanna took the reigns behind the cash register. She thanked the very first customer who purchased something from Fenty, saying that she will never forget that moment. Aside from the universal lip gloss, Rihanna's makeup line also offers a vast array of highlighters, makeup brushes, lipsticks, concealers and color correcting sticks.