The build-up to unmasking the identity of Steve Burton's character just intensified on "General Hospital." Jake Weber found a photo among Franco's belongings that was Burton's when he originated the role of Jason Quartermaine, (now Jason Morgan). This may indicate that Susan Moore did give birth to twins. Someone in Port Charles knows the entire story and it looks like the mystery is about to begin

Franco and Jason Morgan

Heather Weber initially said that Susan Moore gave birth to twins, and Franco was Jason's sibling. However, she later recanted and admitted that Franco was the child she had by Scott Baldwin.

Now, little Jake is finding clues that have Heather and Scott's son questioning his past. Spoiler alerts indicate that Franco will be the first person to come in contact with Steve Burton's character, but did not reveal who he is. The identity of this individual may be within the demented brain of Heather herself.

Since Jake found the picture of the young man who is identical to a pre-plastic surgery Jason, it looks as if there really were twins boys born to Susan Moore. "General Hospital" has indicated that this mystery will not be solved for about 9 months, so it is safe to say it cannot be easy to figure out. Complicating things is the fact that GH is not showing the face of Billy Miller's Jason Morgan while he is in a hospital bed after being shot.

Susan, Alan and Tracy Quartermaine are long gone. This leaves only Monica and Heather who would be able to recall any details surrounding the birth of Ms. Moore's child or children.

More mystery awaits

It appears that "General Hospital" is teasing the viewers and giving them much to ponder. We know that if Heather had twins this mystery person would not be identical to Jason.

Fans know that a DNA test proved Scott and Heather are indeed Franco's parents so that particular theory is out. A question that needs to be addressed and will probably be answered along the way is in the regard to the photo's that Jake found.

How is it that Franco believes he had an imaginary friend, but no actual memory of the person in the pictures?

There is one of a young boy and another that is Steve Burton as a teen. Perhaps it is the time he pays a visit to the woman who raised him, as well as the one who gave him life. No matter what "General Hospital" fan theories are, the truth is they will simply have to wait for this mystery to unfold and build their case regarding the identity of the new man in Port Charles. Spoiler alerts indicate that Jason and Sam are going to embark on a new life. Everything as the viewers knew it is about to change.