vicki gunvalson has gone through several friendships and relationships while filming "The Real Housewives of Orange County." She got divorced from Donn, dated Brooks Ayers who was lying about having cancer, and she has lost more friends than she has gained. Vicki has revealed that she hates the drama that continues to play a role on "The Real Housewives of Orange County," even though her co-stars claim that she is the reason why the drama continues to grow. Gunvalson has supposedly fueled rumors that Eddie Judge is gay despite being married to Tamra Judge, and Vicki claims to have evidence that Shannon Beador was beaten by her husband.

While Gunvalson believes she has done little wrong in her failed friendships, her co-stars have different opinions. But Vicki claims that the psychic, who thought Brooks Ayers was lying about cancer, is back to cause trouble. According to a new report, Vicki Gunvalson doesn't believe what Scott has to say and she's convinced that Tamra is just trying to cause drama for the sake of ratings. She's essentially trying to start problems when there are no issues.

Is Scott just trying to cause drama?

Scott the psychic had met up with the girls when they went out for drinks. During this meeting, he told kelly dodd that she would have issues with Vicki Gunvalson in the future. Kelly didn't believe it, but Tamra revealed that she had never expected that Vicki would ruin their friendship either.

Now, Gunvalson is speaking out.

"Kelly was 100% accurate when she said Tamra brought Scott to cause a division. How dare Scott say that Kelly and I were going to be at odds in the future. How the “heck” would he know unless Tamra fed him some of her viewpoints. That’s Tamra’s hope, that Kelly and I would not be friends, to once again divide and conquer," Vicki Gunvalson explains in her Bravo blog about the accusations that she would mess up her friendship with Kelly.

Will their friendship suffer?

Both Vicki and Kelly believe that their friendship will be just fine. Of course, Gunvalson is known for talking about anything and everything and Kelly has a short fuse. One has to wonder if these two will be fine when Vicki talks about something Dodd didn't want her to talk about. Tamra Judge believes it is just a matter of time before Gunvalson stabs Kelly in the back.

What do you think about Vicki Gunvalson's comments in regards to Scott, the psychic? Do you think Vicki will ruin her friendship with Dodd?