Rihanna has been sighted in Spain as recently as Wednesday morning, and apparently, she was not alone. The American-Barbadian music sensation has been "getting hot and heavy" with a guy, prompting her fans and followers to speculate who the lucky "mystery guy" really is.

Not Drake, nor Lamorne Morris

The first thought that would come to mind is Drake, but he's been quickly ruled out as according to E! Online, the rapper is spending more and more time with basketball analyst Rosalyn Gold-Onwude. American actor Lamorne Morris was the next likely candidate, but that was also shot down when Morris (rather defensively) tweeted that he was not the guy Rihanna was with.

So who is he? Many have resorted to thinking that this is just "some guy," but as it turns out, that couldn't be farther from the truth. We're saying he's not exactly off the spotlight — his name is Hassan Jameel, and E! Online shares with us the down-low about Rihanna's new man.

Rihanna's with a Saudi businessman

First of all, Jameel is 29 years old, which is the same exact age as Rihanna. Now, people may think that Rihanna would have "a more mature mind" than her partner. It's a common thought that ladies are more mature for their age, after all. However, that's no reason to dismiss Jameel's accomplishments.

Jameel is actually the vice-chairman and the deputy president of their family business.

Their company — named Abdul Latif Jameel — actually owns the exclusive rights to distribute Toyota automobiles in Saudi Arabia. You can imagine that they're running one of the biggest and wealthiest businesses in Saudi.

Some people also speculated that Jameel could be a soccer player when they first saw him with Rihanna. It's really not a long shot — I mean, his body could be easily mistaken for that of an athlete But we confirmed that Jameel is no soccer player.

Not casually, anyway. But professionally... well, he sort of is. See, ironically, he just owns the Saudi pro soccer league, which is named Jameel League.

Needless to say, the man is a multi-millionaire. Business experts over at Forbes actually rank the Jameel family as the twelfth richest Arab family in the whole world. Their company is priced at $1.5 billion, and one day, Hassan Jameel will inherit all of it.

One last point: it seems that Jameel is not new to dating celebrities. He was spotted in London last year, watching a Stevie Wonder concert with none other than the model Naomi Campbell.