Adult Swim last week announced on Twitter that “Rick and Morty” season 3, Episode 7 will be postponed by a week. The official airing date for the seventh episode titled, “The Ricklantis Mixup,” is 10 September now. With its trailer and official pictures already out, fans now have an idea of what can be expected from the upcoming episode.

The trailer of the episode

According to International Business Times, the trailer gives viewers a glimpse into one of the scenes wherein, Rick and Morty (both Jack Roiland) are seen having a conversation with each other.

Herein, Rick is heard asking Morty whether he is “ready” for their “adventure” to the “Lost City of Atlantis.” To this, Morty replies by saying that he is as ready as he’ll ever be. The conversation is then cut short and the trailer switches to a scene where the two characters are seen swimming underwater. It is safe to assume that they are headed towards their destination in Atlantis. The trailer’s last scene reveals them returning home together.

According to a report by Heavy, Rick is spotted without his iconic portal gun in the last scene. There’s a chance that the character probably lost it during their expedition in Atlantis. It is also being speculated that Rick does not use his portal gun to open any doors.

The portal to Atlantis is thus, assumed to open automatically. There’s also another possibility that suggests that Rick probably put his portal gun on a timer. This would mean that there’s another character in Atlantis who is helping the two get inside. As pointed by IBT, there is no mention of this mysterious helper, made by Adult Swim yet.

The rumored plot of the show

“Rick and Morty” season 3 is themed around confrontations between the two main characters. The first episode witnessed Morty back-biting Rick and calling him, “hardly a hero.” The sixth episode saw the two turn into “bad” individuals after consuming toxics during their spa appointment. They have also been facing too many near-death experiences.

Fans of the show can stream the episode on Sling, DirecTV Now or PlayStation Vue.

Users also have the option of logging onto Cartoon Network and Adult Swim’s official websites for this purpose, as pointed by Den of Geek. An unsolicited rumor has it that the seventh episode was actually going to be titled, “Tales from the Citadel.” In fact, it had also been listed on IMDB’s official website like that. Fans assume that this might be an indication towards what else could be expected from the episode. Theories suggest that Citadel hasn’t been destroyed yet and that it might be existing under Atlantis.