Anybody who is in the "Rick and Morty" fanatic universe has been gawking about the monumental success of the still prevalent and ongoing Season Three. With just a little over halfway through the season, team Adult Swim and co-creators of the show Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have managed to sweep the collective audience off of their feet with the sheer epicness of the show.

The show has started setting benchmarks on all aspects with each passing episode of this season. The rate at which each character is being developed is absolute insanity and yet done effectively and effortlessly.

It is breathtaking to subtly notice and predict the direction the show is headed in, aside from the obvious direction of more worldwide fame and a solid shelf-life.

Every Sunday, the show unleashes a new episode and becomes the talk of the town. Being able to penetrate through peoples show preferences and collective amuse a wide spectrum of ages has become the show’s trait, skyrocketing its fame and garnering itself more fans each and every day.

This Sunday, however, has yet again managed to leave the fans awestruck with a lot on their minds to ponder over. It will all be slowly revealed over time, and all we can hope for is that it isn’t a heartbreaking finale. With that being said, S03E06 “Rest and Ricklaxation” has got to be one of the best "Rick and Morty" episodes of all time.

Turn up the Music

To all those who have watched the episode, assuming you all have, we’re going to focus on one particular moment in the recent episode. Remember when "Rick and Morty" are done with therapy at the alien spa, hop back on their spaceship and are headed back to earth dimension C-137?

Morty asks Rick if he could play some music, and Rick happily obliges.

And there it is, the song that has gathered the attention of the collective fandom. This same song appears in the credits after the show. Sort of feels like a "Rick and Morty" version of one of the songs from the Guardians of the Galaxy mixtape. It has a very late 80’s feel to it, with elements of RnB and the lyrics are just absolutely hilarious.

Tell me more!

The song titled “Terryfold” is written by none other than Justin Roiland. The music has been composed by the artist Chaos Chaos and features Roiland and Asya Saavedra on vocals. The song is essentially about Terryfolds, and the lyrics comprise of satire driven pseudo-sensuality with the Terryfolds.

The song talks about the Terryfolds as Foldy Flaps and Flappy Holds, which is all just a hilarious bunch of absolute nonsense. What is a Terryfold? Nobody really knows. However, soon after the release of the episode, the word was added to Urban Dictionary and the definition of it is “A fold of extra skin that is very sensitive to touching squeezing and tugging”.

The banging new senseless number is on SoundCloud, YouTube, and on Apple Music, and is being virally circulated amidst the fandom as the new hip thing.

We aren’t going to pit it against all the other songs that "Rick and Morty" has to give us because it’s all one show and only the stupid would indulge in that manner of childishness. Check it out for yourselves if you haven’t.

We’ll leave the link below. Until the next episode, Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!