Beyoncé got a major birthday surprise from his husband, Jay-Z, during his performance on Sunday at the Budweiser’s Made in America Festival. The rapper got the crowd to serenade Beyoncé who is in the audience during his performance.

During his set at the Made in America Festival, Jay-Z made a shout out to his beloved lady who is among the audience with Blue Ivy.

The singer will be celebrating her 36th birthday the following day, so he greeted the singer while on stage expressing his love for his lady love. He also got the crowd to sing “Happy Birthday” for Beyonce.

According to E! News, the mother of twins and Blue Ivy were seen dancing around with big smiles on their faces while Jay-Z performs on stage.

Beyoncé’s birthday surprise

Fans of both Jay-Z and Beyonce are going heads over heels because of the rapper’s shout out to his queen. Some say that the couple had done it again, raising the bar on yet another aspect of life we thought was safe from influence.

The rapper made a whole festival sing a birthday song for Beyonce, that’s special, right? It should be because it’s Queen B.

Queen B’s birthday weekend was grand

For Sunday’s event at Philadelphia, the singer was spotted wearing a yellow trench coat along with high-waisted jeans. The singer also expresses her support for her hometown, Houston, Texas after the catastrophic aftermath Hurricane Harvey left weeks ago.

Along with her outfit, the singer wore a Houston Rockets baseball jersey.

Despite the rain during the weekend, the couple still looked happy together and had a great time. They hung out with their twins in the private area, and Blue Ivy was also seen watching the performances in the festival with her parents.

What happened was a birthday weekend fit for a queen like her.

Beyonce just turned 36 today, and her career is just beginning. Not to mention that she can dance, sing, and act. Who wouldn’t love her? It just fits that Jay-Z and the crowd from Budweiser’s Made in America Festival serenaded her and made her feel all the more loved.

Weeks before Queen B’s birthday, Jay-Z dropped hints on what he plans to do on the singer’s birthday.

According to IB Times, the rapper will take his family cruising before the singer’s big day. He also added that even after giving birth, the singer is doing fine and she is as fantastic as she ever was. Some of her fans say that she has always functioned in less sleep than most of us ever did.