"The Real Housewives of Dallas" star Leeanne Locken was proposed to by her longtime boyfriend, Rich Emberlin, on Monday night's episode.

On the previous episode of the Bravo reality series, LeeAnne was filmed confiding in her therapist that she was concerned that her relationship with Rich was not progressing. She feared he would never make the big move and pop the question. In fact, he even faked her out once before, getting down on one knee only to tie his shoe.

To her surprise, Rich had been planning a special proposal for her all along.

The proposal

While the couple was at the State Fair of Texas playing a carnival game, Rich pulled out a ring box unexpectedly. He joked that he would have gotten down on one knee but he probably would have never gotten back up.

After joyfully responding that she would marry him, LeeAnne said that the ring was the "best prize" she's ever won at a carnival.

As "The Real Housewives Of Dallas" viewers may know, Locken spent her childhood growing up in a carnival.

After the episode aired on Bravo on Monday night, the future bride revealed to the Daily Dish that "he did perfect." Rich proposed with a diamond marquise ring, which is what LeeAnne has always wanted, adding that she "wanted two hearts, a heart on either side, his heart and my heart."

"He knocked it out of the park.

It was beyond my wildest dreams," she said. The "Housewives" star mentioned to her soon-to-be husband that she wanted to get engaged at the fair because she feels sometimes that "part of [her] is still at the carnival."

Keeping the engagement a secret

The proposal was filmed all the way back in September of last year but LeeAnne and Rich have managed to keep it a secret from the fans until now.

The reality star didn't wear her ring in public for months.

Locken didn't even tell her cast members about the engagement right away because she didn't want drama to be surrounding her happy moment saying that she didn't want it to be made "light of" and "disrespect what was important to [her]."

She said that she respects the "institution of marriage" immensely, which is why she had never gotten married before.

The engaged couple reportedly has a summer wedding planned for next year. She told People that she didn't want a "huge wedding" and that the ceremony would be "small and intimate."

LeeAnne also revealed that she didn't want to go on a "solo honeymoon," suggesting that their other coupled friends join them in "Ibiza for a weekend or something." She wants her friends to be able to join in on the "celebration."

"The Real Housewives of Dallas" airs Monday night at 10 p.m. on Bravo.