Lucifer Morningstar will finally come clean about his true identity in “Luciferseason 3. He will finally tell Chloe Decker that he is the devil. However, Chloe may find it hard to believe that she has been working with the Lord Of Darkness because of his wings.

Season 2 finale recap

We had our fingers crossed when Lucifer told Chloe that he would tell her everything about himself. We hoped that nothing would happen to spoil the moment of revelation that has long been overdue. Unfortunately, Lucifer never made it to Chloe’s house to tell her and reveal that he is, indeed, the devil himself.

Instead, he ended up in the middle of a desert with a surprise, he has his wings back.

The moment of truth

Regardless, the showrunners assured viewers that the wait is over. Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), finally, comes clean about his real identity to Chloe Decker (Lauren German) in Season 3. “Lucifer will honor his promise of revealing the truth to Chloe as soon as the premiere,” co-series creator Ildy Modrovich told Entertainment Weekly. However, his wings may get in the way of Chloe believing that Lucifer is a demon. “It just might not go as smoothly now that he has his wings,” Modrovich added.

‘Lucifer’ Season 3 trailer

“I’d like to show you who I really am,” Lucifer tells Chloe in the preview, “It’s Getting Hotter Than Ever.” It is unclear what really happened in this scene (see video below).

However, let us assume that he revealed his demon face to the detective. At the end of the preview, we see Lucifer in a room that certainly looks like the interrogation room at the precinct. Perhaps this is when he showed Chloe his true face. However, she should have uttered something other than "Oh my God” if she did see his face.

Like how Dr. Linda reacted, we would have expected Chloe to be shocked. Perhaps Lucifer was still opening up to Chloe and never got around to showing his face when she became annoyed. This would explain why Lucifer said that they were “having a moment” before she brought up his father's name. Other than that, given what Modrovich said, perhaps Chloe saw Lucifer’s wings instead.

Lucifer’s wings

Certainly, coming clean to the detective about his identity may become an arduous task for the devil. With his wings back, Chloe might think that Lucifer is not the devil but an angel just like his brother Amenadiel. He would have to find other means to prove to her that he is the Lord of Darkness.