Stephen McGee is back with the cast of Bravo's reality show, "Summer House," for their second season, which premiered last week. On Friday night (Jan. 26), he appeared on a special live version of the talk show, "The Morning Breath." The show could be streamed live on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and is still available to watch on YouTube or listen to as a podcast.

Did Carl and Scheana have a fling?

Toward the end of the show, and after a few cocktails, Stephen let the audience in on a secret. He claimed that his former friend Carl, who lived in the Hamptons house with him this summer, had slept with the star of another Bravo reality show.

McGee said that he had been with "Vanderpump Rules" star scheana Marie and Carl Radke at Carl's apartment in New York City back in early December, and that the two seemed very comfortable with one another and that "she knew where everything was" in his home, suggesting that she had definitely been there before.

Stephen and Carl's demise

McGee said that while he was close with Carl in the first season of "Summer House," they are nowhere near as good of friends these days. Carl had been dating his co-star Lauren Wirkus last summer, but he informed "The Morning Breath" audience that he had cheated on her with someone who he knew.

Stephen was also upset because Carl supposedly told a number of lies about him while filming the latest season of "Summer House," and hopes it will all be addressed at some point.

Scheana's hectic love life

Meanwhile, it was not long ago that "Vanderpump Rules" fans were watching Scheana Marie walk down the aisle to marry Mike Shay, however, that marriage was short-lived and plagued by drug and alcohol abuse. The couple divorced and Scheana bounced back into a relationship with a man she had been dating before she got married, Robert Valletta.

This season on "Vanderpump Rules," katie maloney informed Scheana that people were gossiping about the fact that Rob had allegedly kissed another woman at a local restaurant. Scheana tried to pretend she was unaffected and denied the accusations, but the relationship did not end up lasting.

Scheana and Rob broke up in October, after less than a year of dating, Page Six reported.

Robert confirmed the split on Instagram when a follower asked him where his "beautiful girlfriend" was staying, "Sadly, we broke up, we are still amazing friends and we adore each other. We will see what happens."

After the episode aired recently, Scheana posted a photo of the two saying, "No matter what, we will always stand by each other."

Currently, the "Vanderpump Rules" star is living in Las Vegas and starring in a live production of "Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man."

Scheana has not commented on the accusations that she and Carl have slept together.