Leeanne Locken stirred up some trouble at Stephanie Hollman's Halloween party on Monday night's episode of "The Real Housewives Of Dallas." After Stephanie and Brandi Redmond finally made up, LeeAnne decided she was going to cause some drama by showing up to her house dressed like a 'two-faced' person that she was telling people was supposed to be Hollman.

The woman with two faces

After Stephanie Hollman's husband Travis realized that LeeAnne Locken had shown up to their Halloween party dressed like a 'two-faced' version of his wife, he wanted to have her thrown out.

Stephanie decided to take the high road, smiled and told him to ignore it and let her stay.

"The Real Housewives of Dallas" star was later spotted chatting with her girlfriends telling them that LeeAnne was calling herself a "Two-Faced Stephanie."

One friend of LeeAnne's chimed in and said that if she had thought her costume was an angel and a devil and that if she had known she would have told her that it was completely "inappropriate" to do, especially at someone's house.

Stephanie said it "didn't bother" her and tried to maintain her cool because she didn't want to give her a reaction.

Her husband then walked over to her, dripping it fake blood, clearly upset by the situation.

LeeAnne ended up telling Stephanie that she still has her issues with her and she should "watch your words" because "one person says it and then it spins through Dallas."

Is LeeAnne just jealous?

Meanwhile, LeeAnne and Brandi were outside talking about how quickly Brandi and Stephanie made up.

She also mentioned how happy she was that the two of them had gotten so close.

"The Real Housewives of Dallas" viewers will recall that LeeAnne and Brandi most certainly did not have a friendly relationship with one another throughout the first season.

This season, Brandi has sought out LeeAnne's friendship while she struggled through a difficult time in her friendship with Stephanie.

Now that Stephanie and Brandi have made amends, is LeeAnne just worried she will get left out?

Hollman is not a fan of Locken's but who knows if she'll soften up to her for Brandi's sake.

Earlier during the episode, newcomer D'Andra Simmons was shown in her interview saying that it was obvious what was happening. She joked that LeeAnne was just a "summer fling" for Brandi and nothing but a "place-filler" until her friendship with Stephanie was back to normal.

After the episode aired on Bravo, the housewives hashed it out on Twitter once again.

Do you think Stephanie should have let Travis kick LeeAnne out of their Halloween party? Or did she do the right thing by being the bigger person? Let us know what you think in the comments.