Meghan King Edmonds posted a photo on Instagram Friday morning (March 9) of her recreation of Beyonce's infamous twin pregnancy photo shoot. Although she did not quite break the internet, as Beyonce's photo skyrocketed to the most-liked Instagram photo at the time, she did a pretty good job of replicating the stunning shoot.

Queen Bey and King Edmonds

For a cheeky, fun, pregnancy photo shoot, MKE decided to copy the superstar's big pregnancy reveal down to the exact pose. Wearing a light green veil over her head, Meghan kneeled on a bed of flowers in pink and blue lingerie, surrounded by an arch of colorful roses.

When Beyonce wore pink and blue lingerie for the photo shoot, people took that as a hidden sign that she was having a boy and a girl, which turned out to be true. Now, fans are theorizing whether this could be the case for MKE.

The caption for the image reads: "If I can't be Queen Bey, I'll settle for King Edmonds."

Not her real maternity shoot

The post included multiple photos, revealing that the blue sky in the background was actually just a backdrop, and she was posing inside of a room, as well as a video showing some behind-the-scenes action for her followers. She also included the hashtag, "#thisisnotmymaternityshoot," so she is likely planning a more legitimate baby photo shoot in the coming weeks.

The final photo was of Beyonce's original pregnancy reveal photo, which was to seemingly give credit where credit was due.

Her photo has garnered around 20,000 likes within the first two hours that she posted it, but that is nothing compared to the over 11 million likes that Queen Bey's photo received. Meghan King Edmonds' fans and followers will have to wait and see what the former Bravo star has in store for her actual maternity shoot.

Her next chapter

Back in December, the former "Real Housewives of Orange County" star revealed that she and her husband, Jimmy Edmonds, were expecting again. They recently welcomed their first daughter together, Aspen, last year. She made the big announcement on what we now know was her last reunion as a cast member of "The Real Housewives of Orange County.

" While she said at the time that they were expecting a boy, they later discovered that she was carrying twins.

After filming with a newborn the previous season, Meghan decided to quit the cast of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" to focus on raising her family with her husband. She revealed that she knew that she was done with the show when the reunion had filmed.