Jenelle Evans has officially started a countdown for her wedding to David Eason. He proposed to her while they were filming "Teen Mom 2" and she's excited to become the new Mrs. Eason. She has started a hashtag for the wedding, #EvansToEason, and is excited about her big day. This will be her second wedding, but in her mind, it may be the first, as she did marry a drug user the first time around.

She was struggling with a heroin addiction as well. While this may be the biggest day in Jenelle's life, one can imagine she won't be inviting people associated with "Teen Mom 2.

She has been on bad terms with her co-stars several times, and she's currently not in a good place with her own mother.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now sending out a quote on Twitter and people assume it's about her mother. Of course, Evans has revealed that she has no plans of inviting her mother to the wedding, as she can't forgive someone who is keeping a child away from his mother. Evans believes that her mother is just keeping Jace in her care to avoid handing over custody, as it would ruin her storyline on "Teen Mom 2." This could mean that MTV wouldn't want to film the show with her anymore.

Bad relationship with her mother

Jenelle Evans has always had a bad relationship with her mother.

The "Teen Mom 2" star has revealed that she's not happy with the way her mother has treated her over the past several years. While Barbara did do Jenelle a favor by taking Jace into her home after he was born, Jenelle has done many things to prove she's ready to care for her son. She has two additional children.

While the tweet could be a general statement or even song lyrics, it sounds like Evans is sending someone a clear message.

Based on "Teen Mom 2," her mother is the person who she isn't on good terms with. Perhaps Barbara is making life miserable for Jenelle these days, as she could be bothering her daughter about why she didn't get an invitation.

What the future holds

It's uncertain what the future holds for Jenelle Evans and her son Jace. While she really wants custody back, a judge recently ruled that he needed to stay with Barbara until further notice.

Evans' past decisions worked against her once again and it sounds like it may take some time before she is allowed to care for Jace full-time. Her fans support her decision to keep fighting and many have changed their minds about Barbara.

What do you think Jenelle Evans' tweet means? Do you think she's sending a message to her mother?