"The Young and the Restless" fans have noticed that Victoria Newman has been displaying strange behavior. For some time now, she has been acting out of character and even become aggressive. On Friday, she cornered Phyllis in the company elevator and now is about to go off on her.

Victoria and Phyllis may get physical

Billy found Dina's Jabot password on a paper while he was in her hotel room. He later used it to enter the company website on the Jabot laptop that belongs to Phyllis. He took the information to "Brash and Sassy" where he and Victoria analyzed it.

When they found out Jack was trying to remove their products from the shelves of Fenmore's they went to Jabot to talk to Ashley. After she insisted she had no idea of anything her older brother was planning, her younger sibling wanted to speak to her alone.

While Billy was talking to Ashley, Victoria went outside of the office and began chatting with Ravi. He told her that Phyllis had met with Ben Hochman prior to his connecting with Vicky. This caused the wheels to begin turning and Ms. Newman figured out that Phyllis must have sent Ben to prey upon her. When she left Jabot she ran into her nemesis in the elevator. Vicky pushed the button to stop it from moving and confronted the woman she blames for her troubles.

From the look on her face, things may get physical between them.

Phyllis will not be able to handle this different side of Victoria

Phyllis looked shocked when Vicky shut down the elevator then got in her face. This is the first time, that she has seen this new brand of Victoria Newman. Both women are on edge and it is possible things could become very heated between them.

Earlier Phyliss was visiting Michael and Lauren, and sharing her disgust that Billy has been spending so much time at "Brash and Sassy." Michael assures her that he has only seen a business relationship between Vicky and her ex, but Phyliss has that women's intuition that tells her Victoria wants her former husband back.

Now that she knows about Phyliss and Ben, Victoria is out for blood and this very different side of her personality might take over.

These two angry, jealous, hot headed women both love Billy Abbot and want him for their own. Each is suspicious of the motives of the other, and now they are in the close proximity of one another in an elevator. It's entirely possible they could get into a cat fight, so stay tuned. "The Young and the Restless airs week days at 12:30 p.m. on CBS.