On the upcoming episode of the "young and the restless," most of the series fans have been too worried about Billy's recent relationship with Phyllis. Most of the viewers have hoped for this couple to separate in order to pave the way to Victoria once again. Apparently, fans have always believed that Billy and Phyllis are not the kind of couple that will last long. A report from TV Over Mind has shared that the couple seemed to have fought with each other a lot lately. Hence, spoilers reveal that the reunion of Billy and Victoria is not far from happening.

Most of the fans have always recalled how the former couple has cared and loved each other.

Billy and Victoria together

As the newest episode of the "Young and the Restless" is about to air soon, spoilers have revealed that Billy and Victoria have always expressed how much they care for each other. Apparently, most of their fans wanted them to take things slow for their relationship. With the recent conflict that Billy has with Phyllis, this has led to great chances for Victoria to win back Billy again.

However, no one could ever tell how much time will it take for the two of them to get back together again. It has been reported that Billy has been a lot jealous while Phyllis has already noticed about it.

As the episode continues, some spoilers revealed that things have been changing so fast lately in the "Young and the Restless" characters. Meanwhile, despite how long it will take for Billy and Victoria to reunite, fans have always looked forward that it will happen soon.

Surprised pregnancy

While viewers continued to hope for Billy and Victoria to reconnect to each other, another report from Christian Post has shared that Victoria might be pregnant.

To recall, the woman had an intimate night with Ben. Hence, their intimate moment together could somehow lead to her surprise pregnancy.

Further, if the said spoiler turns out to be true, then it will be the first child of Victoria for which Billy is not the father. Another spoiler has revealed that this pregnancy might also lead Victoria into a greater trouble with Victor.

As the "Young and the Restless" episode continues, it is also believed that Victoria's recent health status will be revealed.

It has been reported that her behavior has started to become unusual and she has been noticed making poor decisions. A lot has figured out the changes that have been happening to her which led to the speculations that she might be carrying a baby in her womb from Ben.