The theories around Goku’s new transformation and how powerful he might become are many, and in some cases, very interesting. We must always remember that most of these "Dragon Ball Super" theories are not founded on solid facts, but instead deduced from personal thoughts. This can cause confusion amongst the fans, so we encourage you always to remember that they are just “theories” and not official information.

Fortunately thanks to the extended version of Opening 2 of Dragon Ball Super,” an interesting detail was revealed that could give us a reference on how much stronger will Goku grow after his new transformation.

According to the song, interpreted by the Japanese singer Kiyoshi Hikawa, Goku may surpass the Power of the Gods of destruction.

Official extended version of Opening 2

Although the song is not yet fully translated, thanks to many reliable sources, we’ve figured that at the end of the song the following phrase is mentioned: Even the very Gods of destruction will look insignificant.”

This is very revealing considering that the Openings are used to contain many spoilers on what’s to happen in the saga. Dragon Ball Super is not the exception to this rule, since the new opening shows us Goku in his new stage, among many other details we are still figuring out.

And now the big surprise is that even the Gods of destruction will look insignificant compared to the power a Saiyan from Universe 7 could achieve.

Goku’s amazing power

The power Goku currently has is highly below to that of the God of destruction from Universe 7, Beerus.

Thanks to many calculations we’ve figured that Goku’s full power equals to that of the 50-60 percent of Beerus' power, a difference that may grow even bigger in the manga. Let’s remember that Vegeta, who actually possesses a similar power level to Goku, was totally humiliated by Beerus.

Should be confirmed that Goku will overcome the power of the Gods, the strength he could achieve would be just sublime. Literally he would become the strongest warrior in the Tournament of Power, even far more powerful than his lifetime rival Vegeta.

Although the opening reveals this shocking detail, it is actually unknown how he is going to achieve such power.

Some believe that Gohan will die, while others speculate with the destruction of the entire Universe. Whatever the reason, Goku will acquire such power that he will be capable of defeating the fearsome Jiren the Grey.