"Big Brother 19" fans log on to the live feeds to catch all the good stuff that is too juicy for the show. So much goes on that impacts the game as well as the perception of the fans. After this many seasons, one would think that the houseguests would be more aware of the lack of privacy and possibly guard themselves a little better.

Fans have seen the cameras and audio catch a few things this season that the "Big Brother 19" houseguests will live to regret.

Josh Martinez was the first one to lose it. during the first week, he showed every flaw his personality could have.

There was paranoia, selfishness, his self-absorbed nature, deflecting, and denial. He then became a bully for Paul and was called out in a Latin magazine as a poor reflection on the Latino community.

Did his stupid comment ruin his game?

Jason Dent has made a couple of off-color jokes about having sex with women other than his wife. In fact, he talked about having sex with Kevin's wife while his daughters were tied up and forced to watch. He also made another comment about having sex with women in nursing homes. While fans know that the Rodeo Clown has been married to a beauty named Holly for the past 12 years, they also know that he is a family man. They have a son and in his first HOH letter, Jason learned that he will be a father again.

Though he was once seen as a solid family man, his reputation is tarnished because of those statements.

Alex has been brutal in her attacks on Kevin. She has talked about scalping him and wearing his face as a mask. She and Raven have both called him an old man, giving zero respect to him as one person to another, much less as an elder.

There will be repercussions

Raven Walton has buried herself in lies this season in the "Big Brother 19" house. She has claimed that she and her mother are both terminally ill with rare diseases and that she has one that is so rare, it is simply called Raven's disease. The stories have been so outrageous that the gullible houseguests have wondered amongst themselves if she is trying to work them or fans for money.

This afternoon the "Big Brother 19" houseguests had a chat about weed, alcohol, and painkillers. When discussing the health benefits of smoking marijuana, Raven said that it is another reason for her to move to California with her mother. Momma Walton has smoked weed in the past and experienced the benefits of the plant. Paul told her not to worry because he would send her some weed. Did he forget that he can't send it to Arkansas where weed is not legal?