Billy Abbot and Victoria Newman have had a long, rough road on "The Young and the Restless." Recently, when it seemed they were in a good place and about to reunite, their lives shifted. Disappointed fans may want to cheer up because there is hope for this couple. Victoria wants her man back, and she just might get him. Spoiler alerts for Monday, May 15th, indicate a big day for Billy and Victoria.

The Phyllis factor

Victoria and Billy had been working well together at "Brash and Sassy," and also coming to a good place in their personal lives. Things changed, however when Vicky had to keep a secret regarding her father from her ex-husband.

When Billy sensed the tension and inquired as to what was wrong, his once and future wife blew him off in a major way.

Billy decided it was just too hard trying to please Victoria and ran straight into the waiting arms of Phyllis, his brother Jack's ex-wife. Phyllis and Billy had a fling while she was still married to his brother. All of genoa city was shocked by this torrid affair.

They broke up, but Phyllis did not seem to be able to let go. Now they are back together. Ironically, it was soon after these two hit the sheets again, that Victoria decides she wants to reunite with her former spouse. By the time she tells him, it's too late because he has already moved on.

Hooray for Hollywood

Victoria's brother Nick told her, that if she wanted her husband back to go after him.

Vicky decided to do just that. She and Billy are going on a business trip to Hollywood and taking their children along. Victoria believes fun in the sun will bond her family, and cause Billy to remember the good times.

Spoiler alerts indicate that on Monday, Phyllis will be seething, and take it out on Ashley. Ms. Newman/Abbot is concerned that time in Tinseltown will cause business to turn into pleasure for her man and his ex.

She knows that Billy and Victoria have a history, and have been married several times. Phyllis also realizes that they work together every day, and must see each other because of the children.

Phyllis will implode

What really troubles Phyllis is that the previous marriages, children, work environment and history are not the major issue.

She knows that deep down, Billy and Victoria truly love each other. There is no way she can compete with that. Phyllis is her own worst enemy, and will eventually show herself to be jealous and petty. She is a schemer, and cannot help herself.

Phyllis knew of the ties that bind these two going in. Even so, the jealousy of this fiery red head will cause her to implode. She cannot ask Billy to give up his job, or stop seeing his children, so Victoria is in his life to stay. When the Abbot family returns from Hollywood, if Phyllis is true to her nature, she will be erratic. Her reaction will probably be so extreme, that this will be the beginning of the end for her and Billy.