Friday's episode of "General Hospital" was riveting as Patient 6 made his escape from the employee's of the Russian Clinic. With assistance from Ava Jerome he made it out of the building, but whether or not he will make it off the grounds, remains to be seen. Meanwhile back in Port Charles, it seems that some dots are beginning to connect regarding the two boys in the painting. Franco and Jason who once were enemies have now found some common ground. Everything is falling into place for the lives of the three men to collide, and answers to come forth.

Ava's assistance helps Patient 6 break free

Ava felt bad that she gave the Russian doctor the Port Charles phone number that Steve Burton's character entrusted to her. She promised to make it up to him and indeed she did. When the physician set his medical files on the bed, viewers saw Patient 6 slide something under the cover. After the medical professional left the room, he pulled out a paper clip and used it to pick the locks on his shackles.

When the plastic surgeon came in the two men fought and Patient 6 knocked the doctor out. Ava who was hiding in the closet came out and the masked man thanked her for her help. They said their goodbyes and she went to her room. Later Steve Burton's character was seen outside the building but had not yet made it off of the clinic grounds.

Simultaneously in Port Charles, little Jake is bringing the other two players in this mystery together.

Jake helps Franco and Jason connect

Jake takes a photo album to "General Hospital", and insists that his father and possible stepfather are the two little boys in the picture everyone has been admiring. As he talks, Billy Miller's Jason says that he could hear everything while he as in a coma.

Later Jake mentions this to Franco, who recalls the words he spoke when in the hospital room with Jake's father. A few moments later Franco receives a phone call from his nemesis, who says the two of them need to talk.

Jason seems somewhat changed since coming out of the coma and has been reflecting on the photo. At times he even appears to be recalling memories from long ago.

The fact that he called Franco may indicate the two men will be able to have a civil conversation with each other. Having Billy Miller's character reflecting on the two little boys would seem to indicate that he is Drew and Steve Burton is going to be the real Jason. It's still probably too early for any "General Hospital" viewer to put all their money on one man or the other, so stay tuned for more clues.