Friday on "General Hospital," viewers received confirmation that eliminated one of the three men involved in the current explosive storyline. Betsy Frank admitted to her son that twins were born, but that he is not one of them. With Franco being validated as an only child this indicates that Billy Miller and Steve Burton's characters are siblings. Miller was revealed as the Jason in the hospital bed in Port Charles, while Burton is the man in the mask in Russia. Now the mystery that needs to be resolved is which of the men is the real Jason Morgan and where has his twin been for all this time.

Billy Miller is still on General Hospital

For weeks Miller's Jason was MIA, and all viewers saw was a body in a bed. The hands looked like Billy's but no one knew for certain. "General Hospital" left the viewers hanging but logically there was no reason for Jason 2 to be swapped out for Jason 1 while in a coma. Had the character come out of his coma with a different face there would have been a lot of explaining to do. If Miller had been the face behind the mask, this too would have been unbelievable.

Fans are elated that both Steve Burton and Billy Miller are going to be around for a while. And many are trying to figure out the identities of their "General Hospital" characters. Spoiler alerts indicate that on Monday, Franco will be asked to keep a secret.

Viewers know this story will play out until next summer, so whatever Betsy tells her son in confidence, will be a clue and probably not the answers everyone is hoping for.

What does Betsy know

Betsy Frank, may not be the only one who knows the truth about what is going on. Scott Baldwin seems too eager for his son to leave the past behind him, and Heather Weber is avoiding Franco for a reason.

When she would not agree to a visit with him, even for her famous BLT sandwich, viewers realized something strange was going on. Whichever man is Jason, the other is his twin brother, only now Jason 2 has had plastic surgery.

Now that Franco has been eliminated as having a twin, the focus will be on identifying who is the real Jason Morgan and who is the sibling.

Viewers have until next year to figure out why the twins were separated at birth and which one is Sam's husband. Spoilers indicate that Billy Miller is going to wake up with amnesia yet again. It would be easier for all concerned if he regains his memory and Sam and his sons do not have to deal with the drama of Steve Burton being the real Jason. The other alternative opens up a big can of worms and perhaps that is the point of it all.