After yet another bad week for Donald Trump, the majority of the mainstream media has not let their feet of the gas of criticism. For comedian Bill Maher, he wasted no time piling on during his most recent show on HBO.

Maher on Trump

Over the last week, Donald Trump has once again dominated the headlines. While the president usually is one of the top stories when it comes to politics and general news, the last seven days have provided the American people something different. It started last week when the former host of "The Apprentice" was campaigning for the recently defeated Luther Strange in the GOP run-off election in Alabama.

During his speech, Trump called on NFL owners to fire players who protest the national anthem, before labeling those who take a knee as a "son of a bitch." Backlash quickly sparked, resulting in an all out war of words with the sports world. While this was taking place, Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria as the storm ripped through the island. Trump's response was slow, and when he did break his silence he made sure point out Puerto Rico's debt to the United States. The president's bad week was capped off by Health and Human Services Secretary tom price resigning after being caught using tax payer money to fund his private plane rides. These issues and more were highlighted during the September 29 edition of "Real Time with Bill Maher" on HBO.

Starting off his show with his routine monologue, Bill Maher kicked it into high gear by calling out Donald Trump on a variety of issues, including taking a knee to mock the president's outrage over the recent national anthem protests.

"Donald Trump is officially the drunk at the end of the bar," Maher said in reference to the president's feud with the NFL." "This is the world we are living in. The stupidest a**hole alive says something ignorant every three days and we have to debate it," he added. "O.J. Simpson is getting out of jail next week and he is a football player Trump likes because he never took a knee," the comedian went on to say, while stating, "A couple of heads, but never a knee."

"Lets tell Trump that there are a lot of black people kneeling in Puerto Rico, maybe he'll get focused on that," Bill Maher said in reference to the president's slow response to the devastation left by Hurricane Maria.

"He's tweeting as hard as he can," Maher sarcastically pointed out, noting, "He will get on it once he finds out they speak Spanish and can come here anytime they want."

Double down

"He is gonna head down to Puerto Rico as soon as someone in his cabinet frees up a plane," Bill Maher shot back, highlighting Tom Price's recent resignation as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. "Just a few hours ago we lost another one. Tom Price resigned because he ran up a million dollar tab flying private jets," he said, stating, "It takes a lot of jet fuel to drain the swamp."

Not stopping there, Bill Maher saved his best joke for last by citing the president's history of making promises he can't keep.

"He's (Trump) like the guy who gets the woman into bed by promising her an orgasm like she's never had before, and then he cums putting on the condom."

Moving forward

While Bill Maher and others continue to call Donald Trump out and hold his feet to the fire, it's unknown how the commander in chief will be able to bounce back. According to the most recent round of polls, Trump's approval rating is hovering between 35 and 39 percent.