Spoiler alerts reported that Billy Miller's character on "General Hospital," would emerge from his coma with amnesia. They said he would revert to being Jake Doe, have no idea of who he is, and Sam would be devastated. On Monday Jason number 2 woke up having a seizure and calling his wife's name. Doctors stabilized him and when Sam called him by his name and he responded. The couple also had a conversation that left no doubt he knew his identity. In addition, his doctor said he was now out of the woods, and on his way to recovery. One has to wonder if at times, the script is flipped to throw the spoilers and fans off track.

The accuracy of spoiler alerts

Most of the time, Spoiler alerts are on the money and soap opera plots go exactly as they have predicted. On rare occasions such as this one, the storyline goes in a completely different direction. From the time that it was announced that Steve Burton was returning to "General Hospital," there have been many twists and turns on the show regarding who is the real Jason Morgan. With Burton unmasked in Saint Petersburg as patient 6, Miller was supposed to wake up as Jake Doe.

Jason number 2 was shot in the chest trying to protect Sonny and Sam and did not incur any head trauma. Having him emerge from a coma with no memory did not seem plausible. He had returned to Port Charles with amnesia or having had his memories erased, so repeating all of that just did not seem right to many fans.

Even so, viewers watched and waited only to see Billy Miller in his right frame of mind and expressing his love to his wife. In this situation, the spoiler alerts were not accurate.

The script regarding Jason number 2 may have been changed

It is possible, however, that "General Hospital" had multiple outcomes for Jason number 2.

After one script leaked out they may have decided to change it.GH spoilers had said during the summer that Laura and Tracy were going to have a Thelma and Louise type of adventure where Luke Spencer would be found. What played out was not an adventure at all but a boring storyline where the two women went to a monastery. Luke appeared for less than 60 seconds on Jane Elliot's last air date.

Whether an insider leaked false information or the script was flipped, Billy Miller came out of his coma believing himself to be Jason Morgan and not Jake Doe. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. on ABC for more episodes of "General Hospital" to see who will emerge as the real Jason at the end of this 9-month journey,