In the coming week, fans will witness the return ofNCIS” season 15 to the small screen. As Timothy Mcgee (Sean Murray) and Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) were left in Paraguay in the previous season finale, its team had no idea what was actually happening to them.

In the television show's latest photo teaser, the two agents were seen being held captives by the Paraguayan rebels. And as they are still missing; it looks like someone will take their place.

“NCIS” season 15 will start after two months since McGee and Gibbs have been stranded in Paraguay.

There is no news about the two agents’ whereabouts or even any signs that they are still alive.

As they are desperately in need of their team’s rescue, it looks like they are all busy handling their works back home, Hidden Remote reported.

Alex Quinn (Jennifer Esposito) has to quit her job to look after her mother. So, Eleanor Bishop (Emily Wickersham) now takes Gibbs’ position as the team’s leader as the senior field agent is still missing. She has the help of Nicholas Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry) to manage all the workloads.

However, as they seem busy in handling new cases, it is still their top priority to look after McGee and Gibbs. What happened in Paraguay is still hunting them and their colleagues’ real situation actually fears them.

Their absence also leads to the questioning of Torres and Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll). The two are invited to attend a congressional hearing to talk about their failed mission in the South American country.

The season finale

To recall, in the previous season finale, Gibbs and McGee decided to be left behind in Paraguay as the rebels saw them escaping with their young trainees.

The two agents let Torres flee using their helicopter to save the children’s lives and take them away from the revolutionaries. The television show ended with one final shot featuring Gibbs and McGee exchanging fires with the mutineers on the ground.

An expected character development

Fans are now looking forward to the return of Gibbs and McGee in “NCIS”.

Aside from that, many are expecting to see some character development.

Carter Matt reported that viewers want to see some improvements in Duane Henry’s character. As Clayton Reeve is going to be seen in the television show’s first episode, they are expecting to see him in full action.

“NCIS” season 15 returns on September 15 on CBS.