The participants of the Miss America 2018 pageant answered certain questions from the show’s past editions. In the world of pageants, the question-and-answer round plays a crucial role in determining the winner of the competition.

The contestants watched footages from the previous editions of the Miss America pageant, hearing the answers from candidates that came in several years before them. One of the videos shown to them was the question to Miss Colorado in 1958 where she was asked, “What, in your opinion, is the greatest invention in world history?”

The reactions of the present candidates were priceless.

Some of them said her answer was pretty good, while others even asked if Miss Colorado 1958 won the pageant that night. Miss South Dakota 2018 said, “That was beautiful. I’m going to cry a little bit.”

The answers of the present-day candidates to the same question ranged from the karaoke machine and the cell phone to the wheel as the greatest invention in world history. Others answered the GPS, compass, Google, computer, and airplane.

Miss Colorado 1958 answered, “I believe that the greatest invention in world history is the airplane because it has made it easy to travel from place to place in a matter of hours. It has acquainted us with various countries and various people. We have learned about them, and they learned about us.”

Miss America 1960

People also shared a second promo clip that featured a question taken from the 1960 edition of the pageant.

Miss Mississippi then was asked, “If you were proficient in tennis or golf, would you choose to beat your date or let him win?”

She answered, “I wouldn’t and I shouldn’t because I’d never see him again if I did. I have had that experience before.” Her answer left the crowd laughing, the video showed.

The responses of today’s contestants differed from that of the candidate several years ago.

They said they would choose to beat their partner. They added that they would try their best to win against the man.

Personality question

Sam Haskell, Miss America’s chief executive officer, revealed a major change in the final competition night. He said that the girls who will make it through the final seven will have to answer a question that will get to know their personality, the Associated Press reported.

This will be different from the second question since it will be an opportunity to get to know their backgrounds. Haskell revealed that it will not center around their platforms.

This will determine the Top 5 who will vie for the crown and the title. The 97th annual Miss America pageant will be aired live on ABC on September 10 (Sunday) at 9 p.m. ET.