Megyn Kelly received a warm welcome from her new family on NBC. During the pilot episode of her new show on the network, “Megyn Kelly Today,” the journalist also received some advice from the hosts of “Today.”

Kelly recently signed a contract with NBC after being with Fox News, as an anchor and political commentator, since 2004. Several American viewers tuned into her show’s premiere on September 25, which earned ratings higher than most of its competitors on daytime television, Deadline reported.

Biking with Megyn

“As you know, I am a new kid here on 30 Rock. My family had some advice and revelations they wanted to share with me,” she said.

For instance, Al Roker offered a glimpse of his morning routine as they biked together to work one morning.

Roker was wearing his biking gear and helmet, as he handed Kelly her protective equipment as well. The new NBC host was expecting a carpool but it turned out that she had to join him to the 30 Rock office riding the bike around Times Square.

They passed through the streets of New York, early in the morning, with all the lights including those of Radio City Music Hall and a few cars still hitting the avenues. Then, as they reached the building, Hoda Kotb was present to welcome them with the entire crowd who woke up early to watch the morning show.

Kelly also performed a few funky dance moves.

Kotb, who usually hosts the interview segments on “Today,” then escorted her to the dressing room.

“I wish you such success, honey. Mostly, I wish you joy. You can do this,” Kathie Lee Gifford told her while inside the makeup room.

Cooking breakfast

Megyn also met with Matt Lauer inside the studio. He taught her how to flip the omelet breakfast, which she was able to do successfully – a “spatula drop” moment, he told her.

Meanwhile, Savannah Guthrie did her welcome by taking her new co-host on top of the 30 Rock building overlooking New York City. They took selfies together and talked about some of their memorable moments, such as their meeting during the 2016 presidential election.

Megyn’s new home

“Megyn Kelly Today” is a new daytime talk show airing on NBC every day.

The pilot week featured an interview with the cast of “Will And Grace,” some outdoor visits to celebrity homes, inspiring stories from ordinary people, and her commentary about President Donald Trump.

During her show’s premiere, the hosts surprised her with a mimosa toast. Lauer led the toast, “Here’s the newest addition to our family. Here’s to many happy mornings.”