Rick and Mortyis one of the most anticipated shows in the US. season 3 is about to end and its ninth and final episode is going to air on Sunday, October 1 on Adult Swim. This season, the show consisted of merely 10 episodes. They were emotionally fulfilling and contained all the possible adventures. Show-creator Dan Harmon spoke to Entertainment Weekly, wherein he discussed the possibility of a fourth season and a little bit about the on-going season too.

Harmon revealed that they initially planned on producing 14 episodes for “Rick and Morty” Season 3.

He, however, blames himself for not being successful at it. He admitted that he still hasn’t learned how to be efficient at completing the show. Harmon said that he is working around at satisfying the perfectionist in him. This sometimes, causes him to not think straight and even fear taking risks. He later admitted that he has learned from all the mistakes he has committed in “Rick and Morty” season 3.

Season 4 might have 14 episodes

Harmon is of the opinion that he won’t be repeating these mistakes in the fourth season. This is assumed to be a clear confirmation that “Rick and Morty” Season 4 is officially in the making and that it might consist of 14 episodes. He concluded his comment by stating that the cast and crew members of the show are working towards making “the jump.” It is impossible to guess what exactly Harmon is pointing at by referring to “the jump.” The safest assumption will be making “the jump” from 10 to 14 episodes at the moment.

Adult Swim could run a poll

According to a report by Den of Geek, Harmon also appears considerably hesitant when speaking about how the fans are going to react to the addition of four extra episodes. It is being assumed that the creator is clearly unsure about adding to its series. He later says that he wants to prove it to the production and network that they are capable of pulling off such a deed first.

Therefore, they aren’t thinking about how they can fulfill the fans’ expectations as of now.

Harmon is aware of the popularity that “Rick and Morty” entails. Thus, there is immense pressure on his shoulders with regards to maintaining the standard. There are chances that Adult Swim might end up running a poll on whether the animated series’ next installment must consist of 10 or 14 episodes. Other than that, there is no information about the last episode of “Rick and Morty” season 3 available yet.