In a reported piece out of the Daily Caller, They say that liberals are no longer into Megyn Kelly, the failed Fox host. A couple of weeks ago, Kelly orchestrated an interview of popular radio show Alex Jones. Before the interview, Kelly promised Jones of InfoWars that the interview would not be a "gotcha" hit piece.

However, that is exactly what the interview really was. While Kelly was recording Jones, Jones was secretly recording the interview, himself. Jones states that he knew it was a trap, so he took upon himself to record as well. MSNBC only released a highly edited version of the interview.

Now, Jones demands that MSNBC release the full interview, or he will.

The deception of the MSM (Mainstream Media)

I have written many articles on the deception and lies that are told by media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC. However, MSNBC, a child company of NBC, hasn't been as bad, until now. To blatantly lie and say that an interview will not be a "gotcha" piece, then make it a "gotcha" piece is an outright deception.

As I followed the pre-interview, Jones was saying that he knew it was a deception. Of course, what can we expect from a failing media outlet? After President Trump called out many of the liberal news outlets as being "fake news," the liberal media has been in a freefall as far as views go.

Leaked interview

The hit piece only makes Infowars stronger

Since the interview, Infowars has gotten thousands (if not millions) more views than normal. That means, they used the hit piece to smear Jones, yet his ratings have grown drastically. His message has gotten to a lot more viewers since the interview. It works that way every time.

People's curiosity always makes them want to see more.

Not only has Jones grown in popularity, but he has also gained a lot more fans than before, who didn't know he even existed. Because of that, the Liberals do not want Kelly as an MSNBC host anymore, The Daily Caller reports. The people are starting to wake up to the MSM deception.

What started as a hit piece to smear Alex Jones, has backfired and blew up in their faces.

Final Thought

Always remember two rules of internet engagement. Number 1, If you don't something spread all over the internet, do not post it. Number 2, If you don't want your enemies to grow stronger, do not blast them all over the internet. Your enemy will grow more popular in the long run. If you want to hurt someone, ignore them. Smearing them only gives them view.