One of the main reasons why History Channel’s “Vikings” is such a major hit, is because of the glorious racket that the Norse heroes so effortlessly cause. Their battles are worthy of watching. History Channel is essentially known for showcasing documentaries. But “Vikings” is such a major hit that the network can’t seem to get its hands on the original series.

The company confirmed that “Vikings” Season 5 was officially in the making. According to a report by Den of Geek, they further stated that the next installment will consist of 20 episodes.

If all falls into place, History Channel will premiere the show’s fifth season on November 29.

The Trailer for Season 5

The first trailer of the battle-drama series was initially launched at San Diego’s Comic-Con event. “Vikings” key character, Floki was seen on a journey in a magical land with waterfalls. Many expert reviewers, including Den Of Geek, described the scenario as being “religious.” In one of the clippings, Ivar is also seen expressing his regret over his actions from the previous season. In “Vikings” Season 4, Ivar murdered Sigurd in a fit of anger. This has seriously made all the major Lords and the King himself quite upset. They are currently contemplating on what could be done with Ivar, as he pleads innocence.

More about cast and characters

According to a report by TV Guide, Adam “Edge” Copeland (of the “WWE” fame) has been hired to play the role of Ketill Flatnose in the fifth season. Ketill Flatnose holds significant importance in the future forming of “Vikings.” The synopsis describes Flatnose as a fierce, extremely competitive and brave warrior.

He will also serve as Floki’s right hand. Floki has selected Flatnose to lead the Vikings party. They will be together for a number of episodes as they journey to Iceland.

Show-runners introduced Jonathan Rhys Meyers (of “The Tudors” fame) to play the character of Heahmund in “Vikings” Season 4. It has now been confirmed that the actor will be seen reprising his role as Heahmund in the fifth season too.

There are no details about Rollo’s character (played by Clive Standen) as yet. The last season did not provide any clear conclusion to what happens to Rollo.

It remains to be seen whether “Vikings” Season 5 will contain Rollo. He last starred in NBC’s “Taken.” In an interview, Standen hinted that Rollo might make a comeback. He also revealed that the viewers will get to see a completely different side of Rollo. He concluded by saying that his character will be explosive.