Madonna had started the newest chapter of her life when she revealed moving to Lisbon, Portugal for good. Her announcement came in last Saturday when she took to Instagram and posted a photo of the place. She added that despite moving to a new location, her upcoming movie and music are finally in works. The famous singer also added how she loved the energy in Portugal and it made her feel alive.

Falling in love with Portugal

Madonna is starting the new chapter of her career in Portugal. Entertainment Tonight has learned that the singer has fallen in love to the place after ending her world tour back in 2004.

Meanwhile, her upcoming movie, "Loved," will be her newest directorial project which is based on the book "The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells."

It will be her next project after she made her last directorial movie in 2011. She also added that her newest music is finally in works. It is again one of her new tunes following her single back in 2015, the "Rebel Heart." Undoubtedly, Madonna has so much more in store on her plate despite heading to her newest residence.

Her fans looked forward to deeper details of her upcoming project as well as the release date. The famous singer also added that it is now time for her to conquer the world from a different vantage point.

Upcoming film

Back in January, the songstress reportedly talked to Harper's Bazaar about her upcoming film in works.

Madonna previously shared that her "Loved" movie project is a film which will tackle great and important topics in the society.

According to US Magazine, this film is also set to inspire women to fight for their civil rights. The movie is also an adaptation of the novel by Andrew Sean Greer, and she added that its story had touched her life into so many levels.

Right now, the famous singer added that it is now the time for her to bring the novel story into the screen play. Apparently, "Loved" is the singer's fourth directorial film following the short film she made back in 2013.

On Saturday, the singer also posted a photo of baskets hanging from the ceiling of her kitchen. On the caption, she wrote, “I used to be a basket case, but now I live in Lisbon!" It seemed that Madonna already loved the Portugal a lot.

A spokesperson of Madonna also told the Associated Press that Madonna decided to stay in Lisbon since she found the place very inspiring. Perhaps, the place seemed to be one of her motivations as she is set to complete her new projects in both film and music.