Madonna’s recent move to Portugal from the U.S. has been in the works throughout summer this year. After falling in love with the country during a 2004 tour, she has finally and officially announced her arrival in Lisbon.

Pop queen takes to Instagram about Lisbon

The 59-year-old pop singer took to Instagram on Saturday to officially confirm she has now settled in Lisbon, Portugal, adding that she is having a great time settling into her new home. Posting an image of pans and baskets suspended from the ceiling of her new Lisbon kitchen, Madonna announces in the caption that she used to be a “basket case,” but now she is living in Lisbon.

The pop queen has lived in New York City since the 1970s after leaving Michigan, her native state. While she enjoyed living in the Big Apple for the last four decades or so, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, Portugal grabbed her attention during a tour back in 2004 and she has never forgotten the country.

In a further Instagram post, Madonna goes on to say that Portugal’s energy is inspiring and that she feels creative and alive since moving there. She added she is looking forward to working on her film “Loved” and creating new music and that this is the next chapter in her book.

She closed by saying it is time for her to “conquer the world” from a different viewpoint.

Loved” is reportedly a film adaptation of the novel “The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells” by author Andrew Sean Greer.

EW quotes an interview with Vanity Fair where Madonna said the movie explores many important topics that she has always championed, including women’s rights, civil rights, gay rights and the fight for the underdog.

19th-century home in Sintra near Lisbon

At the moment Madonna is staying at a Lisbon hotel as her newly purchased 19th-century home in Sintra will take up to six months to be renovated.

According to a report by the Guardian, Madonna is in good company in owning a Lisbon home, as several celebrities, including Michael Fassbender, John Malkovich, and Monica Bellucci have homes there.

Madonna moved to Lisbon with all four of her adopted Malawian children, including David and Mercy and four-year-old twin girls she adopted in February this year. So far, the kids seem to be settling in well in their new home in Portugal. As reported by the Guardian, David Banda, 11, has reportedly passed various trials at Benfica, a famed soccer club in Portugal and was accepted into their youth academy. He will also be attending the exclusive French Lycee School in Lisbon.