Madonna, the superstar singer, has finally found a new love again. A report from Radar Online currently confirmed that the 58-year old singer was currently in Lisbon, Portugal while spending some time to her new boy toy named Kevin Sampaio. He is believed to be a 31-year old model, and both had been secretly dating for years.

The pop diva was also believed to have traded his younger boyfriend, Aboubakar “Brooklin” Soumahoro, 26, to this hunky supermodel. To recall, Madonna and Soumahoro had lived together for more than a year. Further, some speculations claimed that Soumahoro only happened to be Madonna's flavor of the week.

Whichever could be true, the pop diva is yet to give comments about the issue.

Romance in private

Madonna and Sampaio are believed to have known each other more than a year. For many times, they had been spotted out on a date; however, both have decided to keep their relationship in private. Madonna also revealed that she didn't want to reveal their relationship first since they are still in the stage of knowing each other better.

Further, the pop singer also added that she was impressed how Sampaio had kept their romance a secret. She wanted to make sure that she could trust the man before having all her guts to introduce him into the public eye. Perhaps, it looked as if Sampaio got the faith of the singer this time.

To recall, both had met on the set when Sampaio starred in a video and his love interest was Madonna. Since then, their chemistry started to spark right away. The singer approached the hunk model on the set which is totally rare since nobody was allowed to make an eye contact with Madonna unless she starts the conversation.

But apparently, the pop diva liked him a lot.

Relationship on a serious stage

Despite keeping their relationship in private, Madonna and Sampaio's relationship seemed to be getting serious secretly. To recall, both were spotted in New York for dinner last March. Further, the 31-year old also had accompanied the "Material Girl" singer on her trip to America when she got the chance to adopt her Malawi twins.

Apparently, their relationship is getting stronger for a couple of months. Sampaio, on the other hand, is also doing great with Madonna's kids. Amid this news, the pop diva simply didn't like the fact that lots of people were calling her prey to younger men. Basically, men came to love Madonna, and that is the simple truth people cannot deal with.