Lady Gaga officially announced on Monday that she's postponing the European leg of her upcoming world tour. People reported that her severe pain has affected her ability to perform. Hence, canceling some of her concert performances became one of her toughest decisions.

The famous singer talked about her current health condition via a post on Twitter. She noted that it was hard and difficult to explain. Nevertheless, some expert health professionals are helping her to figure it out. Gaga also wrote, “As I get stronger and when I feel ready, I will tell my story in more depth."

She's a fighter

Gaga wanted her fans to know her real condition.

However, the singer felt disappointed as some of her followers accused her of being dramatic and that she was only playing a victim.

Amidst her condition, the singer considered herself being a fighter. According to People, Gaga used the word "suffer" to describe her pain, but it doesn't mean she wanted to draw attention. She added that her suffering due to trauma and chronic pain made her continue living.

She also shared that her health situation has changed her life a lot. It has kept her from doing the things that she loved most, which is to perform. As she announced the cancellation of her shows, Gaga looks forward of touring again in the near future. She ended her message by saying, "I have to be with my doctors right now so I can be strong and perform for you all for the next 60 years or more."

Press release

In line with her announcement, the famous singer also posted an official press release which formally confirmed that she had already canceled her European leg tours.

It was further revealed that the dates will be postponed until 2018. Perhaps, it will be quite a long time for Gaga to be seen rocking the stage again.

Her six-week European leg tour is supposed to start on September 12 in Spain and will conclude on October 28 in Germany. However, previous reports confirmed that the famous singer has been hospitalized several days ago due to chronic pain.

Despite her condition, a representative of Gaga has given her fans a sigh of relief as it was stated that she remained under the care of her doctors. It was on Thursday when the singer first canceled her performance in Rio, Brazil. An official statement which was posted on the social media confirmed that she sadly has to withdraw from his Rio, Brazil performance.

Amid the sad news, Gaga continued to send love to her fans for their understanding and support.