Lady Gaga is getting dragged into the unlikeliest of battles – Dr. Luke’s lawsuit against Gaga’s fellow pop star Kesha.

The music producer has filed a case against the “Tik Tok” singer after the fallout following the media circus that surrounded Kesha’s own complaint against the known music producer’s alleged physical and emotional abuse.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Gaga will be subpoenaed as Dr. Luke’s camp believes that she is in possession of information that will be part of the evidence against Kesha.

Lady Gaga is said to be required to appear in a deposition though a date has not been obtained yet partly due to the “Born This Way” star’s busy recording and filming schedule.

The deposition is said to be estimated to last three hours.

Gaga's Statement

In response, Lady Gaga’s team blasted Dr. Luke and his camp, insisting that she is only “an ancillary witness” and that it is only an attempt to “manipulate the truth and draw press attention.”

Vanity Fair reports that this is not the first time Dr. Luke attempted to sue or include third parties, including Kesha’s own mother Pete Sebert. However, his defamation cases against her in 2014 and 2016 were dismissed by the courts last month.

It can be remembered that the legal back-and-forth between Dr. Luke and Kesha first started three years ago when she sought to void all the contracts between the two parties because of the level of the abuse that she experienced “to the point where [she] nearly lost her life.”

The music producer, for his part, countersued.

Over the course of the court battles, Kesha’s career stalled as she was not allowed to record and release new music.

Support for Kesha

When the accusations of sexual and physical abuse first came out, Lady Gaga was one of the first celebrities to speak out in support of Kesha.

A victim of abuse herself, she talked about the stigma that is attached to abused women and the difficulties that they have in dealing with their new reality.

She also publicly promoted the #FreeKesha campaign in her social media, with her posting a photo of her and Kesha holding hands with each other in sisterhood. She was also very vocal about her support of Kesha in some interviews she has had.

In the past few weeks, Kesha has released three new songs, drawing praise and signaling a revival in her career. “Praying,” her first single debuted at no. 25 in the US Billboard Hot 100. She is also slated to perform in a number of music festivals and concerts over the course of the new few months.