The latest updates and spoilers for "Thor: Ragnarok" will feature film producer Brad Winderbaum explaining Loki's involvement in Hela's plan to take over Asgard in the story. Surtur's dragons from Disneyland's "Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission after Dark" ride are speculated to be featured in the film.

Winderbaum told Screenrant that Loki in the sequel has sort of achieved his goal of becoming Asgard's king, but he is unprepared for the major threats that are coming at his kingdom's doorstep. Thor has noticed this and begins to question every decision he makes.

Loki's mistake

Loki's failure as a leader might be the key for the villainess to take over his kingdom and start the cycle of Ragnarok in the film.

"So he becomes the King of Asgard, everything is great, it's a good party," Winderbaum said. "But he failed to realize the threats that were just over the horizon, Hela being the biggest and most terrible one of all."

It was during the events of "The Dark World" that Loki was able to usurp Odin from the throne of Asgard, disguising himself as his adopted father. The real Odin was banished and ends up somewhere in New York as a homeless man.

Helping Hela in her takeover of Asgard is Skurge as Karl Urban told Los Angeles Times that his character betrayed his people just to survive the encounter.

Thor will form his own team consisting of Loki, Valkyrie, and the Incredible Hulk to fight the Asgardian death goddess and her forces to save his homeworld from extinction.

Surtur's dragons teased?

The "Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission after Dark" ride will feature Surtur's pet dragons as part of Disneyland's Halloween event.

Fans have speculated that the Firelord's dragons in the Disney park ride could be featured in the sequel.

Surtur and the Fenris Wolf are part of Hela's army during the events of "Ragnarok" and the two monsters are seen fighting the Hulk in the trailers. Thor will likely face Surtur early in the film as the God of Thunder has been visiting many realms to find clues about Thanos and the Infinity Stones.

Thor has been focused on hunting down the Mad Titan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that he was unaware of the rising tension between Captain America and Iron Man back on earth during the "Civil War" movie. Director Taika Waititi stated that the third movie will be a huge hit in the franchise and will open potential storylines for the next set of "Thor" films in the MCU.

It is also speculated that Hela will likely return in "Avengers: Infinity War" and she will align herself with Thanos and the Black Order to complete the Infinity Stones.